Lily's story

Lily pens a letter to the NKF to tell us her grandfather's story and how she came to fundraise with her friend in support of the NKF. Read more

Ethan's Story

"Without doubt dialysis brings a multitude of physical and emotional feelings throughout the journey. I consider myself very fortunate to only experience dialysis for a year and six days before getting ‘the phone call’ letting me know a kidney is available for a kidney transplant." Read more

Christy's story

Christy shares her transplant story with the National Kidney Federation. Read more

Liam's story

“My name is Liam Innes, and I received a life-saving kidney transplant on 23rd June 2013. As I approach the eighth anniversary of my transplant, I wanted to share my story with the National Kidney Federation and express my gratitude to my donor and their family." Read more

Tracey's story

Tracey Thompson, 43, from Walsden has celebrated with her mum every year, for five years to mark the occasion of becoming a live donor through a Living Donor Kidney Sharing Scheme and her mum receiving the precious gift of life. Tracey shares their story with the National Kidney Federation. Read more

Claire's story

Claire Rogers shares her kidney transplant story with the National Kidney Federation. Read more

AJ's story

Former Royal Air Force Chef and Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) patient, AJ Roberts, received a lifesaving kidney transplant in July 2020, after being on the pre-emptive transplant list for just three days. Read more

Kerry Brown's Story

Kerry Brown shares her dialysis story with the National Kidney Federation and how her diagnosis and treatment has impacted her life. Read more

Raegan's story

Raegan Mlynek, a Nurse from Sheffield, recently shared her kidney journey with the National Kidney Federation and her current experiences with dialysis whilst being pregnant. Read more

Bear's Transplant Story

On Friday 6th January 2023 at 3.25am Bear’s parents got the transplant ‘call’. Bear's parents share his transplant story. Read more

Antony's Story

At 24, after getting many gout attacks, I was diagnosed with progressive renal failure which was controlled by medication. This went on until at the age of 31, I was told I needed to have alternative treatment, dialysis. I had a tissue typing test done at Guys' Hospital, London and was told I am officially on the transplant waiting list and had an appointment to discuss the type of dialysis available. Antony shares his kidney journey with the NKF. Read more

Christopher's story

Christopher Wright shares with the NKF his kidney transplant journey... Read more