“My name is Christy and I’m 38 years old, I live on the Wirral in the North West and unfortunately I fell ill just as I finished my university degree so I never got the chance to have the career I planned.

I volunteer with kidney charities and kidney patient groups, I bake a lot, run a food blog, love my dogs and I like to travel. 

My appendix burst in 2006 resulting in septicaemia and multi-organ failure, this left me in a coma for six weeks. I woke to find myself on dialysis and far too poorly to even consider transplant.

When I became strong enough, the option of a kidney transplant was then discussed with me by the Royal Liverpool Hospital. My then boyfriend and now husband donated his kidney to me in 2009 but unfortunately the surgery itself was unsuccessful due to a 'technical fault'.

I did another five years of dialysis before receiving a deceased donor kidney. Nearly nine years in total.

After the failed transplant I felt bitter and angry for a long while but with counselling and with the help of my amazing family I got back to my normal self. After the second transplant, I was extremely tired but happy I was finally getting my chance.

Though the second transplant took two weeks to 'wake up', I was looking forward to that apparently “amazing feeling” of wellness but that never happened for me. It was just nice not to be tied to a machine and to be able to eat what I wanted again.
My advice for others that may be going through waiting for a kidney transplant is to just keep going, it is a rollercoaster, so hang on, but it’s so worth it in the end.

Nine years on from my kidney transplant, I've travelled the world, worked, got involved with patient groups, baked wedding cakes and generally I am enjoying my life.

My kidney is at about 15% function now so I know I'll need another but I'll be forever grateful for the time my donor has given me.”