You have been given the gift of life, why not celebrate another milestone year and mark this occasion? 

This can be anything from a meal with the family, a party with friends, family and work colleagues or take park in an event. If you do decide to celebrate please set up a fundraising page by clicking here

Please let us know what your plans are, and tell us how many years you have had your transplant, does your kidney have a quirky name? and we will add your details to this page, just email [email protected]  

Here are just a few people that have received the gift of life......

Ethan Gabriel - 28th May 2015. I have named the kidney Sidney (Siddy) not sure why, but hey ho :)   

Here is my 5th Kidneyversary Cake (28th May 2020)

David Marshall - December the 14th 2009 …  mine is the original “Sidney”.


Mark Davis - 31st January 2012 - never given it a name. But I know I can never repay Claire for the most selfless act that she did for me.

Stephen Emmerson - April 24th 2011, my kidney name is “Bunny” as it was Easter Sunday when the transplant took place. 

Antony Whittington - 6th Dec 1988, East Dulwich Hospital, London under Mr Bewick and Dr Sue Snowdon and luckily was only on the transplant list for one week therefore no dialysis.

Juliette Bradbury, 25th May 2016 from an altruistic donor from Northern Ireland.

John Leach, transplant 2nd October 2008, the day that changed my life. Thanks to my very generous wife Ros for donating one of her kidneys.

Rehana Kosar, date of transplant 19th October 2013. I'm a ambassador for St Lukes hospital in Bradford.  

Janet Brown (Cheltenham), I had my kidney transplant on 6th January 2000.

Robert Hammond, I received mine in May 2004. It doesn't really have a name, but was flown down from Edinburgh to Bristol and transplanted at Southmead Hospital, maybe its a McKidney.

Martin Cook, I had mine by robotic assisted transplant, on 1st September 2019, donated by my younger brother. He named the kidney Sam (fireman Sam) as I’m a retired firefighter. My brother Jason is on left I’m on right.


Julie Hubbard, I had my transplant 29 August 2004, it hasn't got a name... But it should be hero.. I got to see my girls grow up and I'm now a very proud grandmother to Jack.


Martin Cunningham. I had a transplant on 7th October 2016. It was a living transplant from my great niece. Hence it has always just been Alex’s Kidney.

Samantha Whyte, I have had my transplant in 1995. I had my transplant at 10 years old so have spent just over 2/3 of my life with Sidney.

Zirka Khokhar, I had my transplant in June 2002 and I was the first patient at the MRI to receive a ‘horseshoe ‘ kidney. This is my second transplant and my kidney/kidneys are just known as ......first transplant was my life baby and now my baby twins.

Anne Glover, had my transplant in March 2005, donated by my son - so grateful.

Caroline Cassels, I had my transplant in February 2009. It's name is kid. 

Jon Jones, I had my transplant on January 13th 2015 from my dad. 

Ismail Yusuf, I had kidney transplant in November 2007 at St James hospital Leeds.


Sandra Ross, I had my transplant on the 24th October 2011. I called my kidney ‘Henry’.The reason I called it Henry is because my father died 4 days before my transplant and his middle name was Henry.  Due to the surreal experience of being rock bottom with dad suddenly passing to the overwhelming euphoria of getting the phone call, myself and my family could not help but feel it was some kind of divine intervention and dad made it happen so that I could support my mother and cope with the grief.

Tina Hunter, Transplant 30 June 2015 I named my kidney 'Sunny' after my surgeon and also it was a beautiful sunny day so it seemed very fitting. Thankfull to my living donor friend for their very special gift.

Angela Dornan, transplant was in October 2009. My kidney gave me a new lease of life after being on dialysis for nearly 10 years. His name is Billy. My only regret is I didn’t send a letter at the time to the donor’s family, Mainly due to a feeling of guilt. But a big thank you to anyone who had to go through the pain of losing someone but was strong enough to allow organ donation. I am now a qualified nurse and grandma to 6 beautiful children. Thank you.

Cian Devlin, transplant was 21 November 2018. Kidney named Dylan came from dad.

Leila Novak. Kidney transplant in August 2017 and doing well. Since then, I successfully graduated from Masters, representing transplant GB team in badminton (won gold medals), working in mental health, commuting between Manchester and London for work on weekly basis. Promoting organ awareness through illustration and speaking to the Deaf community as they do not have the same access to information like hearing people (I am Deaf myself). Talking to renal patients who are awaiting the transplant and also to doctors, students etc. Life is wonderful 🙂 and name of my kidney? Henry!!!! Cheeky character like me 😉

Joe Price, had a kidney donated by his dad on 3rd January 2017.

Shane Barker, 3rd kidney transplant was February 2015. In the picture is my much better half Linzi Bushell and my mischievous son Kian, my kidney was a deceased donor and we have had some contact with the family of Heather.

Claire Thompson, I had my transplant on the 21st June 2016, would have been my nana’s birthday, I like to think she was there that day. I received mine from an anonymous living donor after 15 years of dialysis. My first granddaughter was born 2 weeks before and I had a second grandchild last year so it has given me the chance to enjoy them. Can never thank my donor enough xx

Karen Casey, kidney transplant in August 2014 had aspergillosis for the first two years when the hospital were convinced that l would lose the transplant and could also not make it but the wonderful care I received from our NHS means that l can now lead the best life possible. I’m now studying for my PHD, all thanks to my transplant - he’s called David and loves attention, was once told during a scan that he was smiling, l know how he feels 😊

Anne Gresty, I am on my second transplant August 2009 and doing well. I thank my donor every blessed day, and honour them every August. God bless all donors x.

Joanne Fox, I don’t have a name for my kidney, I think though that my mum named it ‘kidney bean’ or just ‘bean. My mum gave me her kidney on 27th June 2019, mum saved my life after lupus nephritis caused kidney disease. I’m forever grateful to mum.

Karen Kanee, I had my transplant 3 years ago from a anonymous living donor.

Diane Byard, my transplant was on 30th September 1982!! 😊 xx

Gary Cruise, my Transplant was on 25th October 2009 at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham. I don't really have a name for her. (I know it came from a woman) but i'm always giving her a a reassuring rub. I am eternally grateful to this woman and her family.

Michael Murphy, I had my transplant on 26th December 2006 from some poor soul who died. It improved my life beyond belief and I`m so grateful.

Lucy Hatherell, I had my transplant on 25 July 2017, from my husband John Hatherell, our surgeon, the wonderful Afshin Tavakoli called it “the Ferrari of kidneys” as it’s BIG and so it’s called the Ferrari!

Angela Nicholls, I had my Kidney Transplant on July 5th 1995.

Christine Walker, I was blessed with a Transplant September 2011. Since then I have enjoyed many holiday as well as just having time to enjoy sitting in my home, drinking a cup of tea. I have also, thanks to my precious Donor, lived to see my 3 beautiful grandchildren ❤ God bless my Donor Family, whoever they may be ❤

Susan Fern, I had my kidney transplant on 24th March 2016, mine was from a deceased donor. I am so so grateful for the donor and their family for this gift of life and on the anniversary of my transplant I feel for their loss ❤️

Jayne Louise, This is James he received one of his Daddy’s kidneys on 20th November 2019!! He calls it his golden kidney!

Christine Mastaffa, this is my granddaughter Yasmin who had her transplant July 2016 in GOSH London she was 7 years old. I donated the kidney. X

Caroline OrrI had my transplant on the 22nd April 2017 , we named him Sidney , even the doctors at all my appointments call him by his name , I will never ever be able to thank my donors family enough for giving me a new life and for my donor carrying that every so important card in his wallet ❤️❤️❤️

Natalie Spruce, I had my kidney transplant on February 22nd 2005, donated by my beautiful mum Sue Baxter. 3 years later I gave birth to my beautiful boy who I believe would not have been here without my mum giving me the gift of her kidney. Here she is holding my baby minutes after he was born. She has been there for me for everything. 💞 Love you mum xx

Jo Shipley, I received my kidney from my sister Jude on 17th April 2013, still going strong! I call it My Bean ❤ I am truly blessed and extremely thankful x

Simon Elmore, My Kidney is called John (My Donors name and thank Carol his wife every time we talk or meet) my transplant was on January 22nd 2015. 

Jenette Blackham, the transplant was January 2018 and was a live donor from my wonderful sister and is called Sidney the Platinum Kidney. I cannot believe how lucky I have been over the last few years. Also would like to thank all the teams that have looked after me at QE Birmingham and New Cross Wolverhampton plus family and friends who have been amazing 😍

Wendy Leggate, I had my kidney transplant on 24th July 1998 and feel so lucky to have it and appreciate every single day. I call him Sidney! I regularly write to Marks family to thank them for the gift of life they gave me when their son sadly passed away. I will never be able to thank them enough xx

Lisa Edward, I had my kidney transplant on the 23rd September 2019, my wonderful Dad Peter Cornwell donated his left kidney to me, the surgeon was Dr Ridgeway and I am truly thankful for this gift 💝 xx

Kate Greene, I had a kidney transplant in 2006 at the Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham. Each year on February 6th I celebrate with family and friends. The past few years I have had cupcakes made. 

Ian Fereday, "Candle for Keith "
It was 3 years ago today (2/6/20) that I received the phone call and was offered the Gift of life, today is not only a day to celebrate this, is about remembering the donor and the amazing family that gave me the chance to have my Gift of life, God bless my donor Keith and his family. 


Liam Innes I am 21 years old (2020)

On the 23/06/2020 it will be 8 years since my kidney transplant, I got it on the 23/03/2013 I have never thought of a name but while writing this email I have decided on HOPE  

I plan to go to the hospital where I received Hope and write a message on a balloon to the person that saved my life without even knowing and one for the family. It has taken 8 years for me to finally come to terms with my kidney and to build the courage to write something for him.


Howard Hughes

My transplant was carried out on 27th September 2019 so just celebrated my first year. No great celebration due to COVID restrictions, otherwise it would have been with my donor and great friend Peter who I have known for over 60 years since our nursery school days. It’s all thanks to his very generous gift, which helped change my life. All completed with great support from the surgeons David Van Dellen and Damien McGrogan and the team at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. Have never given the kidney a name but it knows how much it’s appreciated by the reassuring pat and massage it occasionally gets which I gather is not uncommon.

Sue Turner 

Celebrating 34 amazing years on October 15th 2020 since I received my kidney in 1986 at the age of 25.
Feeling very blessed.

Lynn Mckinlay

I received my gift of life on 07/10/2020

I named my kidney Zak after the presenter on ghost adventures, I got the call while dying my hair green for Halloween and I had to quickly wash it out but it didn't go to plan as I was covered in green hair dye doctors nurses and surgeons thought it was hilarious as they haven't seen anything like it at all.

Teresa Braine

I had my kidney transplant 41 years ago on the 10th September 1979 at Guy's Hospital .

Nadia Crouch

I will be celebrating 2 years on November 6th 2020 with my 3rd kidney. I couldn't be more thankful for the donor. He doesn't have a name yet but I joke around saying he's a big bulge as I'm only tiny myself. I'm thinking of calling him lucky as I got the call on my birthday. 

Kim Gasson

Hi I’m Kim I had kidney disease for twenty years then my function went down quiet quickly, my brother came forward to give me one of his kidneys, it took 18 months to have all the test and matching done. Eventually we were given the go ahead I was on 12% kidney function by a then, so on May 16th 2012 I had the Transplant it was very hard at first for both of us, but as time went by, things got better. I am doing very well and will never forget him giving me my life back.

Amy Parkes

After being on dialysis for 15 years and one failed transplant, I received my new kidney on Wednesday 19th September 2018!

I've had Billy just over two years now, it is named after Billy Connolly. My donor was a man from Scotland so I was waiting a while for it to arrive at the hospital, but I was trying to think of a Scottish name for him, all I could think of was Billy Connolly and the name stuck!

To celebrate my first anniversary, I made biscuits!

Lesley-Anne Meikle

I am a 31 year old nurse from Glasgow. I was lucky enough to receive a kidney transplant on the 8th Feb 2019. I named my kidney Rodney. Rodney has been very settled in his new home. Its been great to have more energy.