The NKF operates clothes collections across the UK and holds a Home Office exemption permit to carry out house-to-house collections.

We use a company to operate this service called Clothes2Collect (registered trading name of Recycle Proline Ltd).

They use plastic bags, which they post through letter boxes and then a few days later, they return to pick the clothes bags up.

If you receive a bag through the door, please give generously and help our vital work supporting kidney patients.

Our clothes collections will continue for the foreseeable future, but will be reviewed regularly.

All collectors will be taking measures to ensure they comply with the latest coronavirus guidance. All collectors will wear face masks and gloves and hand sanitiser will be available.

The bags we use look like the ones below.

Along with the bags, we are also using stickers in some locations. Below is what they'll look like.

We are aware that people are distributing clothes bags bearing our name and logo. Please know that these bags are in no way affiliated to the National Kidney Federation, and we are taking the necessary steps to stop the circulation of these bags. If you receive the bags on the left, please contact us on 01909 544 999.

From April 2023 Clothes2Collect are placing clothes banks in various places around the UK to generate funds for the NKF, if you own some land suitable please email [email protected] 

Recent news articles have reported that the UK is sending unwanted clothes to Ghana and they have so many it is causing environmental consequences.

The National Kidney Federation undertakes clothes collections around the UK to raise vital funds for kidney patients and encourages recycling.

The company we use quality checks all items collected. This includes every single item of clothing, shoes, bags and bric-a-brac that is donated by supporters.

Items are then sent to where needed, but none of these items are sent to Africa.

If you receive one of our collection bags, please support us so we can give kidney patients and their families a brighter future.