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Clothes recycling collections - Door to door clothes collection

The NKF operates clothes collection across the UK and holds a Home Office exemption permit to carry out house to house collections.
We use a company to operate this service who are called Recycle Proline Ltd, they place plastic bags (as pictured) through letter boxes and then a few days later pick the clothes bags up. If you do receive a bag through your door please give generously and help our vital work supporting kidney patients.

Recycle Proline Ltd will continue to operate as normal during the current situation, following advice from the UK government/Public Health England who have advised that people receiving mail are not at risk of contracting Covid-19, stating ‘There is no perceived increase in risk for handling post’. This complements the highly publicised guidance for people to wash their hands more often than usual using soap and hot water.

For further information/guidance, please see

We are actively monitoring this rapidly evolving situation. We take the health and safety of our donors, employees and the communities we operate in, very seriously. We are continually providing up-to-date guidance to our teams to help prevent the spread of infection, in-line with preventative guidance from the UK government/Public Health England.

We have extensive experience in being able to quickly deploy business contingency plans. Recycle Proline Ltd has over 10 years' distribution experience and is experienced in contingency planning for a variety of scenarios. We will follow the government’s advice and work closely with the relevant authorities.

This is what the clothes bags look like, we use and only these.

* June 2020, along with bags, we are also using stickers in some locations, these will look like this ....


Recent news articles have reported that the UK is sending unwanted clothes to Ghana and they have so many it is causing environmental consequences.

The National Kidney Federation undertakes clothes collections around the UK to raise vital funds for kidney patients and encourages recycling.

The company we use, quality checks all that is collected, this includes every single item of clothing, pair of shoes, bags and bric a brac that is donated form supporters, they then take items to their warehouses.

Items are then sent to where needed, but none of these items are sent to Africa.

If you receive one of our collection bags, please support us so we can give kidney patients and their families a brighter future.  

Recycling for Good Causes offer two free services depending on the quantity of items you have to send. Items are recycled and a cheque for the proceeds is sent to the National Kidney Federation.


 If you have just a few small items that you would like to donate then you can pop them into an envelope (no bigger than A5 size) and send it to:

NKF, Freepost RSXA-GJBY-ARRZ, Tamworth, B77 4RP

 You can download a label here:

Please make sure you write the charity of your choice on the dotted line on the printed label before posting.

If you would like an acknowledgement by email that your envelope has been received, please include your name and email address inside the envelope noting that you wish for an acknowledgment.

The following items can be sent in Self-Pack envelopes:

Jewellery & Watches (in any material even if damaged or broken)

Foreign or UK Banknotes (even out of circulation ones)

 Recycling Project

 If you have a large amount of items, they will send you a sack (free of charge) to put your items in and when it weighs 10-30kg, just give them a call to arrange a free of charge collection at a convenient time for you.

You can donate a much wider range of items in the Recycling Project sacks:

Jewellery & Watches (in any material even if damaged or broken)

Currency – any coins or banknotes, UK & foreign (even if out of circulation)

Mobile Phones

Cameras (old film, digital and video)

Stamps (loose, single, albums, first day covers, presentation packs, collections, postcard collections)

Gadgets (Sat-Navs, iPods, MP3 players, games consoles, games & accessories).

 For more information:

Tel: 0800 633 5323

Email:  [email protected]



Thinking of scrapping your old car?   

Do you own a vehicle that you want to sell or get rid of? Then please think about donating it to us through Giveacar!
Giveacar raises money for UK charities by scrapping and selling old cars They provide a nationwide FREE service which:

 *   Arranges the collection of the vehicle from your home
 *   Depending on its age and condition, recycles it at an authorised facility or sends it to auction

Scrap donations raise about £100 for the charity (depending on the price of metal) while auction cars can raise much more.
To arrange donation of a car, visit  or call 020 7736 4242, quoting (NKF) as your preferred charity.


We also recycle Stamps, old Envelopes**, First Day Covers, Postcards** (including Pre-1940s Birthday Cards and World War 1 silk cards**)
We can accept any of the following item/s:

Any Stamps and Stamp collections - Used or unused. (NOTE: If foreign stamps (of any date) or UK stamps postmarked BEFORE 1970 are on envelopes or postcards – PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THEM! They may be worth more as a collectible item complete) Loose stamps - please leave approx 10mm border of paper around the stamps.
Any Postcards - whether used, unused, new or old; (this includes pre-1940’s Birthday, Christmas and WW1 Silk cards - NB: no modern Birthday or Christmas cards accepted)
Any Coins & Banknotes and Coin Collections
Any Badges & Medals. Not limited to military
Any item made from Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Rhodiumetc - These items can be broken, ie, rings with missing stones, dented & crushed cups & trophies, etc.
Any old unwanted Keys/Locks, Watches (Digital or Analogue, not broken unless gold or silver)
Any Household Metal Ornaments, Old Die Cast Toys (any condition) and Metal Cutlery
Any Old Printed Stoneware Bottles, Pot Lids, China Dolls Heads and Old Embossed Bottles - (Please pre-1930 only).
Any costume Jewellery

To arrange a large special collection (normally 10kg to 25kg per box) (terms and conditions apply), please telephone 01752 296 369, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Stamps n All carry the cost of these carriage charges and DO NOT pass them on to the Charities. Why not become an agent for your Charity and save on shipping fees. We are just a phone call away.

*NOTE: Please ensure correct postage is paid & include sender’s name & address
(details for internal use only & will NOT be passed to third parties).

Small lots / donations can be mailed direct to:

Stamps N All, Dept NKF, PO Box 245, Plymouth, PL5 2WX

Stamps n All (Sole Trader), which means that all goods donated to Charities are paid for, but the sole trader profits from goods purchased