Your life savings could give kidney patients a brighter future

Life is not easy for kidney patients or for those that care for kidney patients. The NKF supports both patients and carers in practical ways, offering help and guidance. We also campaign tirelessly for improvements in renal healthcare provision throughout the United Kingdom. Please support us so that we can support them.

Some of the most common ways of leaving a gift in your Will are:

  1. Pecuniary Legacy - A fixed sum of money
  2. Specific Legacy - A specific item of value, such as an item of property, a piece of jewellery or a painting.
  3. Residuary Legacy - The whole or a percentage of your estate after providing for loved ones and covering administrative expenses.

Easy steps to making or changing your Will

  1. Draw up a list of your assets.
  2. Decide who you would like to receive a gift in your Will and what you would like them to receive.
  3. Decide who you would like to be your executors and arrange a meeting with your solicitor.
  4. Keep your Will safe and tell a family member where it is.

If you have already written your Will but would like to add a gift to the National kidney federation – what do I need to do?

Your solicitor or legal advisor will draw up a codicil for you – this is a simple amendment to a Will. This shouldn’t be expensive but we recommend that you consult a solicitor or legal advisor to ensure that the document is worded correctly and legally binding.

Do I need a solicitor?

The charity has teamed up with the Goodwill Partnership, they are the largest distributor of home-visit solicitor-provided Wills in England and Wales. They guarantee the lowest price for a home-visit Will which is checked and provided direct to you by a panel firm of solicitors who can also provide legal advice and storage of your signed Will.

The process of making your Will is made extremely simple. There are no visits to the solicitor; the trained counsellor comes to your home to take your Will instructions at a time convenient to you, whether daytime, evenings or weekends.

They charge a low fixed price, however detailed your Will, wherever you live, with no hidden costs or upsell of any other products. The home-visit service is free of charge and also provide a small discount on a second Will for your spouse or partner.

Welcare Guardian, the administration company behind The Goodwill Partnership, has been proud to offer an outstanding ethical service, providing great savings to clients, since 1993.

To find out more or to book an appointment please visit

I don’t have very much to leave

You may be surprised how the value of your home and possessions can add up — A legacy does not have to be a large sum of money — any gift left in a Will to The National Kidney Federation would be extremely important to our work.

What about Inheritance Tax?

Leaving a gift to a charity such as a National Kidney Federation can lower the Inheritance Tax payable on your estate. Your solicitor can answer any questions you have about Inheritance Tax.

Will-Writing Glossary

Assets - All money, goods and possessions.

Beneficiary - Anyone who receives something from a Will.

Bequest - A gift from a Will, also known as a legacy.

Codicil - A legal document that is drawn up if you need to make a simple change to your existing Will.

Estate - The total sum of everything you leave in your Will - your assets minus your debts.

Executor - The person or people you choose to make your Will happen ( they can be a relative, friend or your solicitor).

Expression of Wish - If you would prefer the gift you leave to the NKF to be spent in a particular way, you can state this formally in your Will as an Expression of wish.

Inheritance Tax - A tax that your family will have to pay if your assets are worth over a set threshold. The usual is 40%. However if 10% is left to charity, the tax is lowered to 36%. 

Intestacy - The name for the situation which arises when someone dies without making a Will.

Mirror Wills - Wills which are nearly identical and which both leave assets to the same beneficiary or beneficiaries. The most common example of mirror Wills would be couples who leave everything to each other, and then their children.

Percuniary Gift - A gift of a specific amount of money.

Pledge - To 'promise' a gift (not legally binding)

Probate - The legal process of proving your Will which must be completed before any bequests are distributed.

Residuary Gift - A gift from the residue of your estate (what is left after other gifts have been made and debts paid).

Simple Will - A Will that does not have to deal with any complex issues. 

Specific Gift - A gift of a specific item such as jewellery, a work of art, a property, shares or a memento. 

Witnesses - When you sign your Will (or any codicils) it must be in the presence of two independent witnesses. They must be present together, and neither must benefit from the Will in any way.  

Advice from the NKF

Please call 01263 722287 we can give you advice on how to include the NKF in your Will. We have also prepared a leaflet on leaving a legacy to the NKF.

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