TASTE! Healthy Eating for a Modern Lifestyle


128 pages, RRP £15, for people with a renal connection £7.50      

The National Kidney Federation (NKF) is very proud to have had this this wonderful, inspiring cook book put together. This book is not only is suitable for kidney patients, but also for families looking for healthy eating that is enjoyable and tasty.
The NKF would like to thank the generosity of Amgen Ltd for their educational grant to cover the costs of preparation and the printing of this book. The NKF would also like to extend a massive thank you to Lawrence Keogh and Janet Brinkworth, who put their heart and soul into producing this delightful book and for calling on friends and colleagues to help them. Plus a big thank you to the Renal Nutrition Group who provided general comments on the recipes, to ensure that they are kidney-friendly. 

The NKF supports the 3 million people in the UK with kidney disease and this book is another way of giving kidney patients and their families a brighter future while living with this dreadful disease.

Everyone knows I love food and that I like to eat healthily when I’m at home with my family.
This book has been created by Lawrence and Janet, to help people with kidney disease to eat as wide and healthy a diet as possible, but it doesn’t stop there. This book is for anyone wanting to eat with a little more consideration to their and their family’s health.

I’ve known both Janet and Lawrence for some years – with Janet being the foodie behind the Eat Well For Less recipes, and Lawrence the chef behind Roast in Borough Market and The Wolseley. They’ve created a book full of achievable recipes, packed with flavours and textures, that will enable you to produce meal after meal for any occasion. Written clearly and concisely, it’s definitely one to cook from every day.

Gregg Wallace