My name is Lisa B and I live in the Staffordshire Moorlands with my partner Scott and daughter Jasmine. 

I have been a renal patient since 2004, where I fell critically ill and ended up on dialysis for 10 years due to a rare disease known as aHUS. 

In 2014 I was extremely lucky to receive an altruistic kidney after my first one failed in 2006.

Since the 17th March, my family and I have been shielding due to Covid-19, which has sent us all through a change in lifestyle and routines - causing many mixed emotions. 

At first the fear was overwhelming about how we would cope self-isolating at home and I felt so panicked and anxious. Luckily Scott was able to work from home and Jasmine could be home schooled. I came to realise that although this covered the majority of our concerns, it wasn’t the end of them. 

Home schooling was intense as Jasmine had just started high school and was being set five hours minimum a day and when I was unable to help - I felt so worthless. 

I was dependent on family and friends collecting my prescriptions and shopping. Twice I have come across problems with online shopping where my vulnerability was pushed so far I just wept and felt alone. I was one of the many who did not receive the shielding letter so I also had to chase this up, which took several weeks. 

Now in my 11th week of shielding things have fallen into place and although I have days where I feel low, I know that this is what is needed in order to protect my precious kidney.

The only person who is allowed in the house is my nurse who administers a life saving infusion every fortnight - at first I was very worried about how this would play out but we have put in place a great way of working together with minimum contact which really helps my worries. 

Every week as a family we participate in an online quiz which really gives us something to look forward too (shout out to Jay's virtual quiz). We managed to celebrate VE Day in our front garden with afternoon tea which our small village had arranged and participated in. It felt nice to be part of something, albeit without being in contact with them.

I have tried to fill my time with reading, gardening and crocheting. I've even raised money for our local charity, The Dougie Mac, by making crotched rainbows of hope.

I see many people making plans and I have decided against this. As a family we have plenty of things we would like to do but at this moment we take each day as it comes - with such uncertainties - I have found that this works for me. 

One of the best pieces of advice I would give is that you should do what feels right for you as no two situations are the same and if you feel you need clarification, then contact your renal team as they will know your situation better than most.

Lisa B