I had my kidney transplant 10 and a half years ago and, touch wood, everything has gone well. I retrained as a nurse after my transplant and am now a Frailty Nurse Specialist and work on the acute medical ward and a&e, as well as all round the hospital. I have been shielding since March with my husband, Phil, who has kept 6ft away from me and slept in a separate bedroom, as he has to go out and shop and get prescriptions etc.

We have managed to get deliveries of food from local shops but getting deliveries from the big supermarkets proved very difficult, even though I was shielding. I was told by one supermarket it was unfortunate I couldn’t get a delivery, and should try amazon! It was also difficult getting regular medicines due to the pharmacy being overwhelmed. I am lucky to have a garden, so have not been cooped up in the house, but not seeing my children and grandchildren has been very difficult, for them as well as Phil and I.

I had a plan in my mind that 23 June was the point at which I would start reintegrating into society; however, the news on Monday that we can go outside the home fills me with dread! I am not someone who has panic attacks, or stresses out easily, but I am now having nightmares about seeing people and coming into contact with them. I know the science says it is safer to venture out now, but it will take me a while to pluck up the courage to go earlier.