Passed by the NKF 12th July 2008 (Reviewed Nov 2019)

There are many areas of renal care where companies from the private sector seek contracts to provide completely, or share, the activity with the NHS. The running of Dialysis Units is one example.

The National Kidney Federation does not oppose in principle this involvement by the private sector, however it is imperative that when such contracts are signed full safeguards are put in place to protect the standard, quality and adequacy of the service being provided, both at the time the contract is signed and in the future.

Contracts need to ensure that the holistic ( or fringe ) benefits that a patient receives under NHS provision are not lost when the activity moves to the private sector.

The NKF advises all Kidney Patient Associations (KPAs) to become involved in any negotiations and “bidding” process being undertaken to ensure the “patient voice” is heard, and advises KPAs to keep the NKF fully informed of any such proposals.