Policy Statements - ORGAN DONOR SYSTEMS


Passed by the NKF September 1999 (amended 2008)

The gift of life

The National Kidney Federation supports the concept of altruism in organ donation whereby organs for transplantation are a gift by the deceased donor.

The system supported by the NKF (which currently does not operate in the UK) is known as ‘opting-out’, or presumed consent, whereby a person is assumed to consent to donation unless they register their choice not to donate. Such choice would be maintained on a Register. The Federation actively campaigns for this change to the “opt out” system.

Donation from someone who consented to donation whilst alive no longer requires the approval of the next of kin, although in practice this is sought.

In the meantime the Federation continues to encourage those who wish to donate organs after their death, to ensure that their name is on the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Organ Donation is operated in the UK by NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and is run in accordance with the European Transplant Directive.


The system, which currently operates in the UK, is known as ‘opting-in’; the making of a conscious choice by an individual