The UK Kidney Association (UKKA) have published their latest position statement on the care of patients with kidney disease and at increased risk from COVID-19.

Key recommendations include:

1. UKKA recommends that all kidney patients should continue to be supported to take up all approved COVID vaccine doses

2. UKKA recommends all national guidance on the treatment of COVID-19 should include specific recommendations for patients with kidney disease 

3. UKKA recommends urgent clarification and guidance about the use of Remdesivir and modified dose Paxlovid in patients in CKD 4 and 5.

4. COVID-19 testing: UKKA recommends continued use in high-risk settings, including for immunocompromised patients who are admitted to hospital for any reason, including as a day case. 

5. Antibody testing: UKKA recommends that the highest risk patients with kidney disease should be offered regular antibody testing  

6. Use of antibody therapy in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 

For further details on the key recommendations highlighted above please visit here.