The UK Kidney Association (UKKA), formerly the Renal Association, has signed an important agreement with Patients Know Best (PKB) to move PatientView to the PKB personal health records system.

This will improve the existing security and functionality of the current PatientView system, which was one of the first patient portals in the UK.

The new system offers people with kidney disease and their care teams advanced features and functionality, including increased security, care planning, team-based messaging and an ecosystem of integrated wearable and monitoring devices to support clinical transformation.

To support people throughout the transition of moving from PatientView to PKB, a comprehensive guide has been created on how to use the new system and where to find patient data and records.

The transition from PatientView to PKB commenced at the end of October 2021. Any previous patient data, as well as new data, such as test results and measurements, is available in your PKB record once your local renal unit has been switched over.

The list of renal units who are now live will be updated weekly here: Look up your unit

You will not be able to see your renal patient data on the new system until the renal unit you are connected to has switched to PKB. If you are a patient in England, you will be able to register for PKB using the new user function on NHS Login. For more details on how to activate your account click here.

Patients in Wales will be contacted by email or letter once the contract with Wales and PKB is in place. This is likely to be in early in 2022. If you are a patient in Scotland or Northern Ireland, your local unit will be in touch via email or letter to confirm when and how to register.

If you have any questions, please contact the PKB support team.