On Tuesday 14th November 2023, on World Diabetes Day, health organisations representing patients and professionals across diabetes and other conditions linked to cardiovascular disease (CVD) and AstraZeneca shared a vision for urgent action in Parliament. The shared vision, set out in a paper produced and funded by AstraZeneca UK, outlines a collective view for improving cardiovascular disease (CVD) outcomes. It urges a holistic approach across CVD and other long-term conditions (CVD risk conditions), such as chronic kidney disease (CKD) and diabetes,1,2 where people are at an elevated risk of CVD. Across eight specific recommendations to the Government and the NHS, the organisations call for community engagement, tackling inequalities, and better use of data and technology.

These organisations, along with AstraZeneca, have come together as the Government is developing its new Major Conditions Strategy, motivated by the increasing impact of CVD and CVD risk on individuals, the NHS and wider society. The size of the challenge was outlined in the REAL Centre Health in 2040 report, which states that by 2040, the projected number of diagnosed cases of diabetes is expected to rise by 49%, with cases of heart failure and chronic kidney disease predicted to increase by 92% and 34%, respectively.3

The financial burden of these conditions on the NHS is already significant, with an estimated cost of around £23.8 billion
4,5,6 attributed to CVD, CKD, and diabetes. Urgent action is therefore needed to prevent the development of CVD, thereby improving outcomes, reducing costs, and alleviating pressures on the NHS.

The report outlines a vision for a healthcare system that:

1. Effectively raises public awareness

2. Engages NHS workforce to make every contact count

3. Delivers NHS services across a range of settings

4. Aligns primary care incentives to delivery of best practice guidelines

5. Detects risk and disease early through expanding the NHS Health Check

6. Uses remote and point of care technologies effectively

7. Improves the accuracy of patient records to enable population health management

8. Integrates digital technologies

Speaking at the Parliamentary event, Prof Raj Thakkar, GP and President of the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society, noted that;“This shared vision report represents a landmark collaboration, uniting charities, medical associations, and healthcare practitioners in our commitment to improving CVD outcomes in England. Through collective efforts, we can continue to work towards a future where cardiovascular health is prioritised, outcomes are improved, and the burden on the NHS is reduced.”

Paul Naish, AstraZeneca’s Director of UK Policy, highlighted that;

 “On World Diabetes Day, the launch of the Shared Vision for Enhancing Cardiovascular Disease Outcomes in England paper is a clear call to specific actions that can tackle the increasing impact of cardiovascular disease. This collaborative approach underlines the importance of working in partnership to improve patient outcomes and address the challenges faced by the healthcare system. We are proud to be part of this shared vision and remain dedicated to advancing cardiovascular health across the country and beyond.”

This vision paper was produced and funded by AstraZeneca. The following organisations have had input into its content:

- The National Kidney Federation
- The Association of British Clinical Diabetologists
- British Cardiovascular Society (contributor only) 
- British Heart Foundation (contributor only) 
- British Society for Heart Failure 
- Community Pharmacy England 
- The Company Chemists’ Association 
- Diabetes Specialist Nurses Forum UK 
- Diabetes UK 
- Kidney Care UK 
- Kidney Research UK 
- National Association for Primary Care 
- National Pharmacy Association 
- Primary Care Cardiovascular Society 
- Pumping Marvellous Foundation 
- UK Clinical Pharmacy Association