A new plan has been released which will aim to build on the improvements in donation and transplantation in Wales 2022-2026. The plan covers both living and deceased donations of both tissue and organs for adults and children.

The plan developed by the Wales Transplantation Advisory Group (in collaboration with key delivery partners and stakeholders) complements the UK Organ Donation and Transplantation 2030: Meeting the Need strategy and supports its objectives.

Within the plan it recognises the pressures within the NHS and the need to provide services differently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the plan to tackle the reduction in the number of organ donors and the increase in the transplant waiting list due to the pandemic.

The plan focuses on actions which will or are likely to:

  • increase organ and tissue transplantation
  • reduce inequalities and improve access to transplantation for patients
  • improve outcomes from transplantation

The Welsh Government have provided a summary of the plan in the links below:

English: https://gov.wales/donation-and-transplantation-plan-2022-2026-whc202212


Cymraeg: https://llyw.cymru/cynllun-rhoi-thrawsblannu-2022-i-2026-whc202212

Plan: https://www.odt.nhs.uk/odt-structures-and-standards/key-strategies/donation-and-transplantation-plan-for-wales/

Professor Chris Jones said “We have made significant progress improving both consent and organ donation rates in recent years as well as reducing the transplant waiting list. I appreciate the effects of the pandemic have impacted significantly and set back progress. We are very grateful for everyones continued efforts and dedication to improve organ/tissue donation and transplantation. I hope this plan will help act as a catalyst to take forward to further improvement and ensure Wales continues to lead the way.”

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