Passed by the NKF 12th July 2008

The National Kidney Federation recognizes and seeks to represent and support those identified as having Chronic Kidney Disease (Stages 1 to 5).

The NKF recognises that for some people a poor EGFR reading may simply reflect age and not disease. For this reason the NKF demands that Insurance companies treat each case individually and do not load all premiums (or deny insurance) to all CKD identified people.


The National Service Framework (part2) published in February 2005, announced plans to identify, and then treat or maintain, early stage CKD patients in the primary sector. The aim being to stabilise the condition in order to prevent any progression into established renal failure (ERF). Identification is carried out at GP practice level and involves a simple blood test and EGFR reading. It is thought that more than 3 million people may be identified within the UK as having some form of CKD.