Born prematurely weighing 1 1/2lb I just knew I was on for a fight!

Fast forward 27 years and a “M.O.T health check” revealed high blood pressure.

Sent to the hospital for a ultrasound to be asked “you only have 1 kidney, where is the other?"

That was the start of my journey. Diagnosed with a kidney function of 29%, I managed to stay off dialysis for 10 years.

My kidney function then went down 16% and the question was asked about a living donor - my aunt, uncle and wife all put themselves forward for possible donation, unfortunately all 3 couldn’t donate, and as a result I was listed on the national transplant list in March 2020 - yes that’s right - just as that thing Covid was emerging!

By June my function has slipped and it was decided that I needed to start dialysis- I chose CAPD and I did this at home with the help of my wife.

This period was hard, in normal times it would of been challenging however during a pandemic this was tough.

We carried on, and this became part of our routine, and has resounded ourselves to thinking this would be our way of life for some time especially as Covid was rife and that transplantation had halted due to the pandemic.

One Sunday evening in December 2020 we were going to bed after watching a box set binge of The Crown. 01:50 Donna’s phone rang "Hello Mrs Harrison it’s NHSBT, we have a kidney for your husband” well her reaction was priceless and not repeatable! Bag packed and off we dashed! I was dropped of at 03:30 and by 07:30 I was going in!

11 days recoup I returned home just before Christmas and my birthday. The best present anyone could ever ask for. What a difference this has made to us both, from 7% to now 90% all because the generous gift of life.

As you can see “Sidney” is going on some adventures and currently on 130/214 wainwright fell in the Lake District. Words cannot describe how grateful I am, and I owe it to the donor to make them proud.