“It all started for me back in May 2015 when I had quite a serious heart attack. This resulted in a quintuple bypass operation, and it was noted at the time that the hardening of my arteries that caused the attack had also affected my kidneys.

After my recovery from the heart attack, it then followed several years of close monitoring of my kidney function which stayed relatively stable at around 50% of normal.  

This continued until early 2019, at which time it was noted that the kidney function had dropped to 35%. This meant I was referred to the Renal Unit at Addenbrookes Hospital who undertook several tests to try and understand why I had experienced such a drop in my kidney function. Because most of the blood tests were not particularly informative, it was decided that I required a kidney biopsy to ascertain what was going on.

I've set myself the stretch target of 200,000 steps by the 31st May and I'm really enjoying the challenge!