Ed Gorman has been raising money for the charity since 2011, he travels around the world running marathons and half marathons flying the flag for the NKF, to date Ed has raised over £13,000. 

''I have been running Marathons since 2011, and raising much needed funds for the NKF in the process. Back in 2003 my father-in-law suffered total renal failure as a result of contracting the extremely rare Goodpasture Syndrome. After 5 or 6 years’ of dialysis every other day he and my mother-in-law took part in one of the first “pooled kidney transplants” in the UK, whereby my mother-in-law donated one of her kidneys to a patient, and that patient’s partner donated one of their kidneys to my father-in-law. 

All throughout my father-in-law’s dialysis, and the transplant, the NKF have offered support to our family, and it is because of this that they are my chosen charity for whom I raise money. 

So far I have run nine marathons, and in October 2020, I will run my 10th, marathon in Chicago, and once again I will be raising money for the NKF!”