Policy Statements - NKF Lottery - Protection of Children and the Vulnerable

Passed by the NKF 28th March 2009

Reviewed June 2019

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to take part in a lottery. NKF has taken steps to ensure that our lotteries do not attract young people.

NKF has taken the following steps to prevent under age players from participating in any lottery promoted by ourselves:

  • NKF has been made aware of the legal limit and are required to check our database before data is supplied for use in a lottery.
  • The minimum age for play is detailed on the front of all tickets produced by NKF
  • Any player who provides dishonest information regarding their age automatically forfeits the right to any prize. This fact is also stated on the front of all tickets.
  • Any player that is found to be under 16 years of age will have any monies paid in relation to the lottery returned to them.
  • In the event that a request to cease mailing lottery packs is received from a vulnerable person’s carer we would remove their details from our mailing database immediately. If the person has been sent a lottery pack as a result of their details being supplied to us through a third party data list, we will give the carer details of how to have that person details removed from the list owners mailing records.