From the start of Covid-19 we have all been interested in the latest vaccinations and treatments, plus keeping an eye on research work to develop and test treatments that can prevent people from becoming ill with Covid-19. Many of the drugs in development may offer protection for most people but immunosuppressed people are not gaining an immune response from these numerous vaccinations they have received, leaving them vulnerable and like us all, immunosuppressed people just want to get back to a normal life.

One treatment that has gained lots of interest is Evusheld, this is an antibody therapy developed for the pre-exposure prophylaxis (prevention) of Covid-19. The MHRA have approved the use of Evusheld to prevent Covid-19 in people whose immune response is poor.

The Government are reviewing whether Evusheld protects against the current Covid-19 variants, as the original clinical trials were done when Delta was the variant and not sure how the generation of new variants of Covid-19 would react. They are also looking at how they may distribute the drug if it is suitable.

This is very frustrating for all immunosuppressed people including Kidney patients, the NKF have teamed up with lots of other charities around the UK to support the use of Evusheld. 

The department of health and NICE are looking into the use of Evusheld, the group of charities are keeping a very close watch on these developments and we will update you with any news.