Covid-19 Concerns

In the summer, when shielding ended we published a letter for everyone who is at highest risk from Covid-19 to use in discussion with their employers about how to keep safe at work. We were delighted that many people used it and many charities shared it. We publish this updated letter as people are again asked to work from home wherever possible, protective measures such as facemask wearing and the NKF lanyard are strengthened and the booster programme is broadened and accelerated. We also continue to learn about the potential for reduced vaccine protection among some people who are immunosuppressed due to a health condition or treatment.

Against this backdrop and uncertainty about the Omicron variant, we are urging employers to do all they can to enable employees at higher risk from Covid-19 to work from home to reduce their risk of contracting Covid. To protect those who cannot work from home, strict adherence by employers to risk reducing measures remains as important as ever.

For the latest information and advice take a look at our Coronavirus (Covid-19) page here


Returning to work letter

In the letter, we have highlighted the following key points:

Enable working from home wherever possible

Risk assessments

Safety best practice

Reasonable adjustments

Mental wellbeing support

Individuals will have different views on what feels right for them, and some of you may have very legitimate concerns about your own ongoing risks from Covid-19. We hope this will be discussed during the risk assessment process and have a significant bearing on decision making.

Thousands of people living with health conditions have told us they are worried that their needs have been forgotten throughout the pandemic. We want this to change, and there are many charities available to help you with condition-specific advice.

You can download the letter here and can share with your employer as you have discussions about your safety at work.