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The largest kidney patient charity in the UK. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

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Kidney Patient Association (KPA) pages - The Royal London Hospital Kidney Patients' Association


(Formerly the Hanbury Association for Renal Patients - HARP)

Registered Charity No. 266660

About the Royal London Hospital Kidney Patients’ Association

The Royal London Hospital KPA is the kidney patients’ association (KPA) of The Royal London and St Bartholomew’s Hospitals in London.

The Royal London Hospital KPA (formerly HARP) became a registered charity (No. 266660) in 1974 and, later, a founder member of the NKF.

In 1994 the Royal London Hospital merged with the Royal Hospital of Saint Bartholomew (Bart’s) and The London Chest Hospital to form what is now known as the “Barts and London NHS Trust”. The area served comprises East London, most of Essex and parts of surrounding counties. Royal London Hospital KPA helps all renal patients of the Trust. Today the trust is the home of the largest renal unit in the world and Royal London Hospital KPA itself has a membership of 758 persons of whom 524 are kidney patients.

The objectives of the Association are:

  1. to relieve and assist persons suffering from kidney disease who are patients of the Royal London Hospital and St Bartholomew’s Hospital, and associated renal units, ie under the administrative care of Bart’s and The London NHS Trust; and
  2. to assist the families of such renal patients, as defined above, who are in necessitous circumstances.

The Royal London Hospital KPA is essentially a self help group, has no paid officials and membership is free. In furtherance of its aims, the Royal London Hospital KPA:

  • provides mutual help, advice and encouragement and organises social events for patients;
  • organises various fund-raising events and issues a regular newsletter;
  • runs holiday homes for haemodialysis, CAPD and transplant patients;
  • sends a team to the British Transplant Games;
  • funds entirely the Renal Amenity Fund at the Hospital and contributes to the Hospital's Renal Diseases Research Fund and the Renal Transplant Research Fund;
  • buys medical equipment and improves facilities for patients;
  • sponsors nurses to attend the European Dialysis Nurses’ Association conferences;
  • sponsors translations of literature for patients from ethnic minorities;

and welcomes any help!

Contact Information

Chair: Carl Postbeschild

Secretary: Mark O’Callaghan

For further information please contact the Royal London Hospital KPA at:

Address: Royal London Hospital KPA
c/o Hanbury Dialysis Unit
The Royal London Hospital

Current Events And Fundraising Activities

For current events please contact the Secretary via the above address.

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