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The largest kidney patient charity in the UK. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

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UPDATE - Disappointing rumors continue to emerge from NHS England, Monitor and the Government

The NKF is aware that two issues of concern to Kidney patients and which the NKF has campaigned vigorously about during the past year are still being pursed by establishemnt bodies.

Tariff - Last year NKF with others headed off proposals for  major reductions to the Tariff payments paid to providers of dialysis, now the proposals for these reductions appear to be back on the table.  NKF will attend a meeting on Tuesday 25th August with Monitor to get to the bottom of this - we will keep you informed of what we learn.

UPDATE - NKF Has been assured at the meeting with MONITOR that the level of the Dialysis Tariffs have not yet been decided and that when they are, further consultation will take place with stakeholders.  The NKF believes that we face substantial cuts to Dialysis Tariffs.

Comissioning - In a reply to a letter sent by Madeleine Moon MP, Chair of the APPKG, George Freeman MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Life Sciences, states that "Any changes will be carefully managed to ensure safe and effective transfer of responcilbility.

Clearly these two subjects have not gone away