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University of Leicester - Request For Research Volunteers

Hi everyone, I’m Hannah, a second year PhD student in the Geography Department at the University of Leicester

I am currently researching the everyday experiences of kidney transplant patients and I am hoping to find out how the kidney transplantation process impacts the lives of patients, from those who have recently been diagnosed, are currently on the waiting list for a transplant, to those who have had a kidney transplant. 

I am wondering if anyone based in or around the East Midlands (pre or post-transplant) is willing to take part in my research and would like to be interviewed. You will be asked a range of questions about your past and present experiences of kidney transplantation and everyday life. The interview will last approx. an hour to an hour and a half and I can either travel to you, or we can arrange a Skype or FaceTime interview. You will also be invited to take part in the optional second stage of my research, which involves taking photographs or recording video footage to show and tell everyday kidney transplantation experiences. All equipment will be provided for the second stage of research. All information provided will be kept confidential and anonymous, and participants can withdraw from this research at any time.

If this is something you might be interested in, have any questions, or would like to find out more, please call me on 0116 252 3631, email me at hms28@le.ac.uk or have a look at my blog (https://hannahsm1th.wordpress.com) to find out more about my research.

Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Hannah Smith.