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The POWER of the Federation working with its KPAs

The POWER of the Federation working with its KPAs

Kidney Patients will be very relieved to know that the campaign fought by the NKF together with its KPA members has been confirmed as successful in halting the disastrous plan to commission Dialysis at PCT level rather than nationally.

Following the NKF announcement as shown below Lord Warner convened the Specialised Services Commission in December 2015 to help inform the future development of specialised services, drawing on relevant expertise from across the healthcare sector.  That commission has now published its report.  The report can be viewed in full by following this link :-


In this report it is clearly stated that Specialised services  are to remain commissioned Nationally as demanded by the NKF-Kidney Patients UK and its renal patients – this is a major win for NKF and the KPAs who responded to the NKF’s “Call To ACTON”.  KPA’ sought out the opinions of patients and provided the essential evidence that NKF then presented to Ministers via the All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group.

To reverse government intended policy is no smal1 achievement and kidney patients across the UK should be proud of their efforts.

Others will no doubt try to minimise or downplay the effect that the patient's, KPAs and the NKF had, or claim the credit themselves, but the simple fact is that YOU did this,  working as a Federation should – together and effective – a patient voice loud enough to be heard.

Not many therapy areas within the health environment are so well organised – have patient groups ( KPAs ) at every hospital, have a national organisation (NKF) to plan a national strategy, and to have an All Party Parliamentary Group to tackle Government and Ministers.

The NKF is not opposed to change – much within the NHS is in need of change, and NKF will follow the development of commissioning as outlined in Lord Warners report with close interest. If we feel that any proposals are wrong we will  oppose them – but where they are an improvement we will support them.  It was the wholesale downgrading of Dialysis to level three commissioning that had to be halted – and this we did.   WELL DONE.

Timothy F Statham OBE
Chief Executive
NKF-Kidney Patients UK
Secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group


Background and previous NKF announcements(Oct 2015)


Commissioning Dialysis Services
The threat of Dialysis Services being commissioned by CCG’s instead of centrally by NHS England has receded.  Following a long and hard fought battle waged by the NKF for over a year and involving KPAs we are pleased to report that NHS England has now published “Improving Value for patients from Specialised Care” – Commissioning intentions 2016/2017 for prescribed Specialised Services NKF is relieved to see that there are no wholesale plans to remove Kidney Dialysis from the Specialised Commissioning stable – so from that point of view this is an NKF victory.  Even Co-commissioning is not proposed, although there is some experimentation with Collaborative commissioning where Dialysis remains centrally commissioned but in co-operation with CCG’s.  It should be noted that NHS England (the central commissioners) now splits its work into National, Regional and Sub regional levels. Changes that will go ahead are as follows:- 1. Renal in London will be Collaboratively Commissioned across the whole care pathway 2. Data is being collected to high light service variations in Renal dialysis by Public Health England 3. Some renal services will be commissioned via evaluation schemes 4. Renal Transplant is to have a national Tariff 5. Collaborative Commissioning for Renal Dialysis will be proposed where there are links to Obesity and diabetes in an attempt to increase prevention across the CKD pathway
NKF is very pleased with this, as we seem to have prevented the downgrading of Dialysis from level one commissioning to level three commissioning.  The changes that are being proposed make a lot of sense, and as London is a region in its own right (Under the NHS England new tier structure) what is now proposed is logical.