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Sick Pay Petition

Please consider signing Mark's SSP for living donors, petition

I am hoping to get support for a petition to the House of Commons to provide protection for living donors in the form of statutory sick pay.

I personally have thankfully never needed to receive or give a kidney, but I have donated bone marrow and witnessed my dad receiving a bone marrow transplant. A friend of mine also donated a kidney to a friend. I was legally denied sick pay, time off work, annual leave and unpaid leave as I "made myself ill". This needs to change to protect donors and reduce barriers to donations.

If you would be able to share the petition via your social media outlets we would be incredibly grateful; 10,000 gets us an official response and if we get 100,000 the petition is eligible for house debate. The link to the petition is https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/117273  - Mark Clements