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organ donation system to be introduced in England

OPT OUT organ donation system to be introduced in England – The Prime Ministers Conservative Conference speech

The NKF is pleased to hear the commitment today ( 4.10.2017 ) of the Prime Minister to introduce a system of “Presumed Consent”  in England.

Organ Donation – The Gift of Life

 The NKF (National Kidney Federation) supports the concept of altruism in organ donation whereby organs for transplantation are a gift by the deceased donor.

The system supported by the NKF (which currently does not operate in England) is known as ‘opting-out’, or presumed consent, whereby a person is assumed to consent to donation unless they register their choice not to donate. Such choice would be maintained on a Register. The Federation actively campaigns for this change from “opt In” to the “opt out” system.

Donation from someone who consented to donation whilst alive no longer requires the approval of the next of kin,  although in practice this is sought.

In the meantime the Federation continues to encourage those who wish to donate organs after their death, to ensure that their name is on the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Organ Donation is operated in the UK by NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and is run in accordance with the European Transplant Directive.



In Wales the system has already been altered to one known as “soft opt out”, it is early days, however the latest figures are keenly awaited to ascertain whether the number of Transplanted organs has risen as a direct result.


Keen not to be out done, Scotland has begun the process of introducing legislation to alter their system from opt in, to opt out

Northern Ireland

 In January 2016 the NI Assembly rejected a proposed bill that would have brought in opt out to Northern Ireland.


In July 2017 Dan Jarvis MP, introduced a Westminster Hall Debate to encourage support for opt out in England, his case was well presented, and many were keen to lend support.

 The results in WALES are all important. If transplant numbers rise as a result, then NKF will wish all four countries to adopt opt out without further delay. 

 Today’s announcement by the Prime Minister is very welcome.