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NKF and APPKG WIN commissioning Victory - at least for one year

Breaking News

The following announcement shows that the NKF campaign together with KPAs, patients and other stakeholders has reversed the Governments harmful plans to alter the way Dialysis Services are commissioned in the UK.  The NKF wants to both thank and congratulate all renal patients and KPAs who played an active part in this campaign.  Well done - together we turned back the almost overwhelming  tide !

5.00pm NHS England will continue to commission specialist renal and morbid obesity services in 2015-16 after concerns were raised by organisations including NHS Clinical Commissioners who said patients could be put at risk if the services were transferred this April.

It said it will keep under review whether to transfer responsibility to clinical commissioning groups, but any changes would not happen before April 2016.

Director of commissioning specialised services Richard Jeavons said: “We all want what is best for patients, and we have listened extremely carefully to their views and those of CCGs. For the time being we will continue to directly commission these services, which will give us head room to work through the proposals in more detail and address the issues that have been raised with us.”

NHS England has launched a consultation into how it will prioritise which specialised services and treatments to invest in.

It directly commissions around 145 specialised services. It is now going to decide which of these it will continue to fund.

The consultation will last for 90 days.

The NHS England board voted to extend the length of the consultation at their last board meeting in December.

Mr Jeavons said: “We want to ensure patients have access to the very best innovative, evidence-based treatments and services that are being developed all the time. We need to get the most out of every pound for the benefit of patients. They asked us to consult on the principles and process behind making these decisions, which is exactly what we are doing.”

This process is looking at the specialist treatments and services that will be routinely available for groups of patients on the NHS. Clinicians, on behalf of their patients, will continue to be able to make a request (an Individual Funding Request) to NHS England for treatment that is not routinely available.

NHS England is also seeking views on which specialised services should be prioritised for ‘service reviews’ as part of a rolling programme of reviewing how each specialised service is delivered. NHS England is writing to all providers of specialised services, Clinical Reference Groups and associated patient groups seeking their views on where to concentrate efforts over next 12 – 24 months. .