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Multiple Technology Appraisal

Wonderful News For Transplant Patients

The NKF is overjoyed to inform all Kidney Patients that our battle with Nice to keep the full range of immunosuppressant drugs available to be prescribed has been successful.

Today ( 1st Jun 2016 ) NICE announced that following the Appeal at which the NKF and others gave evidence, the matter would now be referred back for further consideration, and in the meantime ( probably years ) the full range of immunosuppressant drugs will remain available to all transplant patients. 

Patients will recall that NICE had originally reached a decision to severely restrict the available types/brands of drugs.  Realising the horrendous implications of this to kidney patients and their transplanted grafts, NKF opposed this change in an ongoing battle which culminated in an appeal hearing at which NKF spelt out the damage that such a decision would do. 

As reported ( below ) NKF had high hopes of eventually winning – and today the NICE announcement means that we have (for the time being at least ) 

Tim Statham

The NICE Appeal Hearing details in full are available here:



Multiple Technology Appraisal

Immunosuppressive therapy for kidney transplantation in adults (review of technology appraisal guidance 85) [ID456]

The decision of the NICE APPEAL PANEL is imminent.  NKF remains hopeful that our representations will have won the day and that the immunosuppressant drugs being restricted by an unhelpful NICE Final Determination will be rescinded.

Watch this space – as soon as the decision becomes public we will let you know whether we have been successful – NKF tried very hard on behalf of patients and we are hopeful that we will have won the day.

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Tim Statham