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Letter received asking for support for Doctors

As Chief Executive of the NKF, I have recieved this letter from Dr Alex Riding signed by 2,300 people.

The NKF makes no comment, however believes that this letter should be available for you to read.

Letter From :-

Dr Alex Riding 
130 Lichfield Road 
CB1 3TR 

Dear Mr Statham,

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter which is signed by over 2,300 people, 
including consultants, GPs, junior doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals and 
many patients.

NHS Employers' proposed junior doctor contract threatens to drive thousands of UK doctors 
away from the NHS, leaving a critical shortage of medical staff and creating the biggest crisis 
in the NHS since its inception. This will affect the safety of all patients in the UK. Over 3,000 
doctors have recently applied for a certificate of good standing from the General Medical 
Council, in order to leave the UK (1). A poll of 6,000 junior doctors (12 of the national total) 
showed a staggering three quarters would resign if this contract is implemented and nearly 
half would emigrate (2). To date 13 leaders of medical Royal Colleges have contacted the 
Department of Health to express their grave concerns for patient safety and welfare of 
doctors over the proposed implementation of this contract (3). A doctor, former health 
minister and current conservative party MP Dan Poulter has also raised grave patient safety 
concerns if this contract is implemented (4). One of Britain's top hospital chiefs, Sir Thomas 
Hughes-Hallet, the chairman of the Chelsea and Westminster hospital, has written to the 
government, warning of the impending NHS crisis, their clumsy handling of contract 
negotiation with doctors and the imminent danger to patient safety (5). Over 200 consultants 
at Great Ormond Street hospital have written to the secretary of state for health echoing 
these concerns (6). Finally, during the recent parliamentary debate on the 28th October 
regarding the current junior doctor contract proposals, MPs, Heidi Alexander (Lab and 
shadow health secretary), Dr Philippa Whitford (SNP), Dr Sarah Wollaston (Conservative), 
Lyn Brown (Lab) and Andrew Gwynne (Lab), to name a few, all made speeches about the 
dangers this contract poses to patient safety (7).

The government proposed contract changes supported by the Dentist's and Doctors Review 
Body (DDRB) will redefine normal working hours from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday to 7am 
to 10pm Monday to Saturday (8). Up to one third of doctor's pay is currently made up of a 
supplement for unsocial hours work. Even though the Department of Health has stated that 
basic pay will be increased by up to 15, the redefinition of our normal working hours and 
reduction in out-of-hours pay supplement will see nearly all doctors, including GP's in 
training, receiving a significant pay cut, up to 30-40 for some (4, 9). This is on the back of a 
15 real terms pay cut to doctors pay over the last 6 years (1). Medical students currently 
graduate from university with a minimum of £50,000 debt (4). The imposition of this contract 
will lead to a recruitment crisis of new doctors in the UK for a generation, as medicine will 
cease to be a financially viable career for all but those with significant family financial 

This contract also brings to an end automatic annual pay progression for junior doctors in the 
NHS. This will significantly disadvantage all women who decide to take maternity leave. 
Currently over half of qualifying doctors are women. Furthermore, doctors who decide to take 
time out of their medical training to undertake a PhD or contribute to medical and scientific
research will also be financially disadvantaged by their choices. This will lead to a lack of medical doctors contributing to the development of new treatments and furthering our knowledge of diseases.

The government has constantly argued that these reforms are necessary to provide a truly 
seven days NHS. Yet they have never attempted to define what they mean by this or how 
they intend to achieve it. Two articles have been published, which they quote (10, 11), 
showing there is a small but significant increase in the mortality of patients who are admitted 
at the weekend in the UK. Firstly the data in this paper for the 'weekend effect' includes 
mortality numbers from Friday through Monday, so the statistic that the government quotes is 
not specific to Saturday/Sunday. This 'weekend effect' is a trend that is not exclusive to the 
UK, but is seen in many other countries including the privatized US healthcare system (10). 
Neither of these articles present any evidence for the cause of this increased mortality, which 
refers to the 30 day mortality, meaning that a significant number of these patients die after 
discharge, at home. In fact, both papers show that the mortality rate of all patients present 
within the hospital on Saturday and Sunday is actually statistically lower than during 
weekdays. Despite all this evidence the Secretary of State for health Jeremy Hunt has 
somehow decided the cause of 'increased mortality' is due to insufficient staffing of doctors in 
the NHS during 'the weekend' and hence the need for contract reform. They have never 
presented any evidence to back this assertion and indeed no published evidence currently 
exists for this - even the paper they keep quoting makes clear that this link cannot be 
assumed. Recently, Dr Andrew Murinson, a conservative MP stated in the parliamentary 
debate on Wed 28th October, after assessing the evidence that,' no causal link has been 
established between doctors' rostering and excess weekend deaths,' 'and I do not think that 
junior doctors' hours are a principal driver in the problem (7).' The editor for the BMJ has 
written to the secretary of state to inform him that he has publically misrepresented the 
findings of the academic article he quotes, which is published in their journal (12).

The government's claim that we currently do not have a 7 days NHS and that doctors do not 
work weekends is misleading and an alarming trend is emerging demonstrating it can 
actually harm patients. There have been numerous reports of the so called 'Hunt effect', 
where patients are delaying presentation to hospital until Monday in the mistaken belief that 
there will be no doctors and they will be at increased risk (13,14).

The government has blamed the British Medical Association for leaving the negotiating table, 
however, 'instead of proper negotiations NHS Employers insisted the BMA accept 22 out of 
the 23 recommendations made by the DDRB without question (15).' The government 
subsequently stated they will impose this contract on junior doctors from August 2016.

Junior doctors, have been put in an impossible position, none want to strike but we cannot 
accept an unfair and unsafe contract being forced upon us. David Cameron had previously 
proposed to remove the application of the European working time directive to doctors 
working hours (16). Financial penalties to hospitals who overwork doctors are to be removed 
and plain time working has been extended to a 90 hour week. It seems obvious doctors will 
end up working even more excessively long and antisocial shifts, in a dangerously 
understaffed environment and be completely demoralized (17). Referring to the European 
Commissioning figures from 2014, the UK currently has 2.71 doctors per 1000 people, which 
ranks 24th out of 27 European nations (18). I think these figures would suggest that we need 
to invest in more doctors not drive the last remaining few out of the profession or country.

In summary, unless this contract is opposed by all UK healthcare professionals, patients and 
the public, we can expect the NHS to enter the biggest staffing crisis since its birth and one 
that it is unlikely to survive. What this will mean for patients, is that there will be insufficient 
doctors to safely run hospitals up and down the UK. A&E waiting times will sky rocket, 
outpatient clinics will be cancelled, two-week cancer referrals will be unachievable, elective 
surgery will be postponed or cancelled to name but a few. Furthermore, emergency services 
will be severely affected meaning lives will be immediately put at risk. This crisis will be 
sustained for many months, even years as there is no obvious solution. Many believe that 
this will inevitably lead to privatization of a large proportion of the NHS and massive health inequality across the UK for future generations.

The junior doctor contract debate is the most important issue to impact the quality of patient care in the UK for a generation.

Firstly, we ask that you send a message to Jeremy Hunt MP and the Department of Health to ask them to withdraw the imposition of an unfair and unsafe contract on UK junior doctors that will risk the safety of all current and future patients in the UK; secondly, to ask them to start negotiating fairly with the British Medical Association to plan a secure future for UK doctors, all patients and the NHS. We also encourage you to educate your members and the public on the implications of this contract for their future healthcare. All of us, and our loved ones, will at some point be a patient within the NHS. 

Patients need a voice in this issue. Please help us to make this possible.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Peter Arthur-Farraj Neurology Registrar GMC 7169625 
Mr Yezen Sheena Plastic Surgery Registrar GMC 6149360 
Dr James Rowson FYi Doctor, GMC 7493662

Dr Sundeep Grewal Geriatrics Registrar GMC 7049721 

Dr Paola Rodriguez GP Registrar GMC 7177345

Mr Ashmal Jameel Ophthalmology Registrar GMC 6163912

Dr Mary-Ellen Lynal Academic Clinical Fellow in Psychiatry GMC 7411812 
Dr Zoya Georgieva Academic Clinical Fellow in Haematology GMC 7427040

Dr Katie Au General Adult Psychiatry and Medical Psychotherapy Registrar GMC. 6142948 
Dr Shreya Dhar GP Registrar GMC 7177326

Dr Nalinie Joharatnam Oncology Registrar GMC 7177100

Dr Sujit Mukherjee Gastroenterology Registrar GMC 7090328 
Dr Sophie James Gastroenterology Registrar GMC 7140514 
Dr Edward Needham Neurology Registrar GMC 7037080

Dr Subhadeep Roy Medical Registrar GMC 7169867

Dr Peter Daum Emergency Medicine Registrar ST2 GMC 7140471 
Dr Jolyon Cohen Anaesthetics ST1 GMC 7169545

Dr Harmandeep Singh Bhatia Cardiology Registrar GMC 7036629 
Dr Harriet Nerva FY2 Doctor, GMC 7459545

Dr Alex Riding Renal Registrar GMC 7045823

Dr Jinesh Patel Anaesthetics Registrar CT3 GMC 7090199 
Mr Jack Groom medical student, Oxford university

Dr Sathiji Nageshwaran Clinical Research Fellow in Neurology GMC 7169737 
Dr James Barnett GP partner GMC 7021000

Mr Krunal Patel Neurosurgical Registrar GMC 6149297

Plus an additional 2,300 signatures (see attached documents).


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