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The largest kidney patient charity in the UK. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

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Its Time to Talk About Organ Donation

Have the Organ Donation Conversation

It's time to talk about Organ Donation

The #DonationConverstion campaign is a major new campaign led by 15 of the leading organ donor and transplantation charities, who have all come together to encourage the nation to talk about organ donation under the banner of “Have the Donation Conversation”.

The UK has one of the lowest rates in Europe for families supporting organ donation and in 2014/15 only 57% agreed to donate their family members’ organs after they died.  On average 43% of relatives refuse permission for organ donation to take place.  Since 2010 this has meant more than 1,200 people missing out on a potentially lifesaving transplant.  In the last five years over 500 families have said no to donation despite their relative being on the organ donor register.

NKF – Kidney Patients UK , together with its partner charities are aiming to increase the family consent rate from 57% to 80% by 2020, by asking everyone to “have the Donation Conversation”.

Are you on the Organ Donor register?  Do your loved ones know your wishes to be an organ donor?

Individuals may feel their decision to register as an organ donor is a private matter that does not require discussion with family members.  For many people having this discussion with your loved ones can be difficult to raise, so we have produced some tips which we hope will help you start the conversation so they know your wishes.

Also read stories from transplant recipients who without their life saving transplant would not be leading the life they have today.

Our message is simple – tell your loved ones that you want to donate.  Have the organ Donation Conversation.  If you are not already on the Organ Donor register click the link to sign up today.