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ESPRIT Group Guidance

ESPRIT Group guidance on repatriation and immunosuppressant switches.

The ESPRIT Group  (Efficacy and Safety of PRescribing In Transplantation) undertook pilot research in 2013 amongst transplant patients, on experiences with switches to generic immunosuppressants, the results of which were presented at the 2014 BTS meeting.

Please click here to view the results poster.

Subsequently, we carried out in-depth research on the transplant units’ experiences with repatriation and switches, via a questionnaire sent to all the units’ specialist pharmacists.  We were accepted for a poster at the forthcoming 2015 ESOT meeting plus we have submitted an abstract to the Renal Pharmacy Group meeting at the end of September.

As well as responses to the special ESPRIT research questionnaire, we also gathered quite a lot of background material from the units on communications with patients and healthcare professionals, business cases they made for new models of service provision, switch protocols etc.  We were conscious that we had a lot of useful intelligence from units that have been through the process, that others less advanced in the move could find invaluable.  Also, one of the key things that our latest research revealed was wide variability in switching protocols between the units. Given the potential for dose changes and new emerging side effects upon switches, we proposed that some central guidance on managing the whole process should be established.  

Click here to view the ESPRIT guidance document.

We felt it important to ensure that all NKF members were appraised of its existence..