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Charging for Transport to and from Dialysis clinics

Attendees at the recent NKF annual Conference, and readers of the winter 2017 edition of kidney Life will know that KERNOW CCG are proposing to charge Dialysis patients for their transport to and from Dialysis sessions.

NKF is opposed to such a proposal whether or not it is medically or financially “means tested “.  We have opposed this at every stage and have asked the All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group to take this up with the Secretary of State for Health.  This has been done but the reply ( see the attached letter) is deeply disappointing. Transport to and from Dialysis was included in the NICE guidelines as a necessary part of treatment that should be free of charge to the patient.  The NKF  believes that assessing whether dialysis patients need transport medically or financially every three months subjects very ill patients to yet another level of stress that is wholly unacceptable and is not something the NKF would ever accept.  THE NKF asks every area, every KPA and every other national Kidney Charity to vigorously oppose the implementation of charging and not to agree with means testing that will set one group of dialysis patients at odds with another group.

Kernow may just be the first of many CCGs that consider Dialysis patients a way to cut their costs – UNACCEPTABLE.

Please click here to view the full letter.