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Changes to QOF 2015/16 – Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) - NKF writes letter of concern


The QOF Team

Health and Social Care Quality Programme

Health and Social Care Directorate

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

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Dear Sirs


Changes to QOF 2015/16 – Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)


The NKF (National Kidney Federation) represents  over 20,000 end stage renal patients in the UK and supports all patients who are at an early stage CKD  and may end up with kidney failure. We are extremely concerned to see that the following changes have been decided:-


The amendment of CKD001 (the register)  to reflect the change in classification in line with updated NICE clinical guideline.

The retirement of CKD002 (11 points), CKD003 (9 points) and CKD004 (6 points) (total 26 points)


Prior to the publication in February 2005 of Part Two of the National Service Framework for Renal Services (NSF)   and its predecessor Part one in 2004 – Kidney patients faced enormous uncertainty and concern as to whether they would receive renal replacement therapy and what form it would take ;-and what quality of treatment would be on offer. It was a complete post code lottery.


Not only did the NSF change all that for the better, but it introduced something that the NKF had long campaigned for – the early detection and maintenance of early stage CKD so that patients could avoid the decent to end stage renal failure.  This work was given to GP’s to undertake and the provision of QOF payment ensured that they took this work seriously. It is the NKF opinion that without these financial QOF incentives to GP’s thousands of patients would not have been prevented from a relentless decline into life changing and life ending end stage renal failure.


We view with horror the decision to  end these payments as we fear that CKD patients will go undetected from now on, and will suffer kidney failure – potentially 2 million people are now to be at risk of this silent undetected killer.  The financial cost to the NHS does not bear thinking about.


NKF notes that you have retained CKD001( the register ) so you are obviously aware how important it is to track CKD patients already in the system – however without GP’s actively looking for early CKD patients GP’s will not be providing the necessary data to ensure the register remains relevant and useful in controlling CKD at each of its stages.


The NKF believe that this decision is a very serious mistake that Nice have entered into without realizing the harm that will result and the lives that will be lost – never mind the utter misery that this decision will heap upon all the new renal patients facing a life on Dialysis or transplant.

We await your urgent response to the issues raised above 


Yours sincerely


Kirit Modi




Officers of the All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group