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Campaigns Info - Donor Leaflets in public places

Donor Leaflets in public places

This is a campaign for your participation.

Whilst bulk quantities of leaflets to encourage the carrying of organ donor cards remain available from the Department of Health, free of charge, the original practice of routinely sending them out to G.P. surgeries, Pharmacists, Hospitals, Libraries and other public places has ended due to financial restrictions. This has led to these leaflets and application forms gradually disappearing.

The National Kidney Federation wishes to encourage all Kidney patients, carers and others to actively promote the availability of these leaflets in all suitable locations, and encourage those responsible to obtain supplies on a regular basis to ensure their permanent availability and display. Better still, please obtain and distribute them yourselves.

Large amounts of donation related literature (Carry an organ donor card) can be obtained from:-

Department of Health Publications (Organ Donor Card publicity),
PO Box 777,
London SE1 6XH

Fax: 01622 372 4524

Email: doh@prologistics.co.uk

Alternatively Phone:-The Organ Donation Literature Line 0845 60 60 400 (local call rates apply in the UK);

Please obtain a supply of material yourself, take it to the required location and give the material plus the information above for re-ordering to the person responsible - but check back every now and then to ensure the scheme is working.