Invitation to help with a survey


We are requesting your help with a survey. It is about dialysing at home. We want to understand the reasons as to why some patients choose to dialyse at home and others don’t. We also want to know about the impact of COVID-19 on attitudes towards different types of dialysis.

All dialysis patients, i.e. those who dialyse in a hospital/unit and those who dialyse at home are invited to participate.

In September 2020, the NKF hosted a webinar discussing home dialysis during Covid-19. During the webinar, we discussed research that shows that patients who dialysed at home were at a substantially lower risk of contracting and dying of Covid-19, compared to people who dialysed in a hospital. A national report was published by the NKF and it makes seven recommendations on how we can increase home dialysis in the UK:

We have now launched a national campaign to support the recommendations and have written to Clinical Directors of Renal Services to provide details of the actions they will take to help patients fully consider home dialysis and to increase take up.

As part of this campaign, the NKF have teamed up with the University of Hertfordshire to undertake this survey. The results of the survey will be published, and will be of great help in better understanding attitudes towards home dialysis and how more patients can be helped to explore this modality. We would be most grateful for your help in completing the short survey.

  • Your contribution is entirely voluntary

  • The survey should take no more than 15-20 minutes of your time

  • It is completely anonymous, which means that no one will be able to link you with the responses you give

You can complete the survey online by clicking here: survey link

If you would prefer to receive the survey in a paper form we would gladly send it to you by post, together with a stamped envelope for sending it back to the NKF; just call 01909 544999, or email [email protected] with your name and address.

We are requesting you to complete the survey by November 21st. We are most grateful to you for your help.

We really hope that you will consider helping us with this important campaign to raise awareness about home dialysis.