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What's it really like? - Experiences of kidney patients and their families
WARNING - Review of this information is overdue. It may be out of date.

What's it really like? - Experiences of kidney patients and their families

Notes for writing an article in this series

This is a series written by people who have first hand experience of what it is like to be on:





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Kidney Diseases and Kidney Failure


IgA nephropathy

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Kidney-Pancreas transplantation

Living donor transplants

Kidney Diseases and Treatments

If you found these articles helpful, you may also be interested in our Perceptions series, on this website.

If you are connected in any way with renal failure, either as a patient, carer, or by employment and you would like to submit a short article for possible inclusion in this area then please do. Contributions from Carers are particularly needed.

Notes for writing an article in this series:-

DO - Write about a single event - examples might be having a kidney biopsy, or a particular operation, or a dialysis line inserted. It doesnt have to be strictly medical, - having a baby, or specific problems dealing with the hospital or social services fall within the range of the project.

DO - Feel free to produce as many sections as you want (within reason!)

DO - Keep it fairly short. About 500 words would be right, or if you are writing by hand, 1 or 2 sides of A4. If it seems necessary to write more or less than this, do so.

DO NOT - Write your whole life story. We want short focused pieces for What it is Really Like. However, anything longer can be considered for the website section known as Perceptions, but this is not the section that this piece is talking about.

DO NOT - Worry about spelling and grammar if you do not think you are good with words - the editorial team can sort this out for you.

Send your article to the ‘Medical Editor’ at the Worksop office (address below) or EMAIL it to the nkf@kidney.org.uk

The National Kidney Federation cannot accept responsibility for information provided. The above is for guidance only. Patients are advised to seek further information from their own doctor.

NKF Controlled Document No. 184: What's it really like? - Experiences of kidney patients and their families written:  last reviewed: 16/03/2015