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Peritoneal Dialysis - PFT test


A Peritoneal Function Test (PFT) is a test of how much waste the peritoneum clears in one day. In some Units these tests are carried out every 6 months, and in others, these tests are only carried out when the blood results show that PD is not working well. They are sometimes called Adequacy Tests. People are asked to save all the PD fluid they drain out, and all the urine they pass for a 24-hour period. A blood sample is also taken, and this is tested along with a sample of the PD fluid saved, and all the urine collected. The amount of the waste toxins (Urea and Creatinine) cleared during PD, and in the urine, is calculated. A total creatinine clearance of 60litres/week and a urea (sometimes called KT/V) clearance of 2.0 are the targets many Units aim for. There is still a lot of debate about how useful these targets are. How well a person feels is still considered the best measure of how well PD is working.

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NKF Controlled Document No. 246: PFT test written: 26/01/2001 last reviewed: 28/08/2015