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What are the symptoms

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Cartoon of UTI symptoms

A lot of children have bladder or cystitis like symptoms which include:

  1. Discomfort or crying when the child passes urine - this is called dysuria. Because of the discomfort you might notice your child being reluctant to go to the toilet.
  2. The child needs to go to the toilet very frequently.
  3. The child begins to wet his or her pants during the day or night.
  4. The urine is cloudy and strong smelling.
  5. The urine has blood in it - this is called haematuria.
  6. The child may complain of tummy pain.

Some children may have a more severe infection involving the kidneys called pyelenephritis and we suspect this when they have a very high temperature, severe stomach or back pains, vomiting and are unwell.

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Content compiled by members of the Children’s Renal & Urology Unit, QMC Campus, Nottingham University Hospitals.

The National Kidney Federation cannot accept responsibility for information provided. The above is for guidance only. Patients are advised to seek further information from their own doctor.

NKF Controlled Document No. 119: What are the symptoms written: 16/07/2004 last reviewed: 14/11/2020