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The Lighter Side of Dialysis by Peter Quaife

by Peter Quaife

Front cover of book The author, Peter Quaife, was one of the founding members of ‘The Kinks’ whose third single rose to Number 1 in the UK Charts in 1964 (several more followed throughout the 60s).

Peter left the band in 1969, to pursue artistic endeavours such as painting and drawing, and emigrated to Canada in 1981. In 1998 Peter was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure and, whilst he was on the dialysis machine, drew cartoons to pass the time away.

In 2004, Deborah Young (a dialysis nurse at Peter’s unit in Belleville Dialysis Clinic near Toronto, Ontario) asked Peter if she could assemble his cartoons into an album. So many patients in the unit enjoyed them that it resulted in this book being produced.

Volume 2 is due for Worldwide Release soon and will be announced on this website when available.

Here’s 2 cartoons from the book just to get you interested:

The book can only be bought by telephone or Online from the dedicated website which also contains more information about Peter and his work. The NKF advises caution when passing credit card details to a third party whilst online. Click here to go to that website.