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Keep Taking the Pills - Ian Mathie

An anthology from the transplant Ward

by Ian Mathie

Illustrated by Barry Gurbutt

Keep Taking the Pills by Ian Mathie After a period on Dialysis, Ian Mathie found himself, at 2am one morning in March 2000, being called into the Oxford Transplant Centre for a transplant operation. Although this was succcessful, he landed in the Unit again that October where the events that occurred to him and around him led to the production of a series of humorous poems.

These poems have now been published for all to enjoy. The following poem is from the book:-

SAMPLERS by Ian Mathie

The phlegmatic phlebotomists
Suck out our blood
And siphon it off into phials
They’ve seen it before
But it must be a bore
Taking blood from a patient with piles.

Some people have veins
That are up to the strains
Of needles that puncture them daily.
But with certain conditions
It needs some precision
To get blood from a patient who’s scaly.

It’s a bloodthirsty task,
And it’s something to ask
That they put up with patients abusive,
But with well practised skills
And with very few spills
They ensure that the blood flow’s effusive.

To purchase a copy of this book, send a cheque for £6 (incl. P&P) to:

Duckett’s Press,
1 Dog Lane,
Fenny Compton,
Southam, CV47 2YD
United Kingdom

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