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The largest kidney patient charity in the UK. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

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The NKF has one of the largest selections of charity running events in the UK, we offer races overseas, around England, Scotland and Wales.

Each event has a registration fee and a sponsorship amount, once signed up you will receive a fundraising pack and running vest. Please contact pete@kidney.org.uk, call 01263 722287 for more details or to sign up. 

The 2018 list so far ............



 AUGUST 2018                                            Date                   Registration fee                    Sponsorship

 London Triathlon                                     4/5th                                 £140                                    £150

 York 10K                                                     5th                                    £24                                       £90

 Mudificent 7 Warwickshire                   11th                                   £35                                       £100

 Nottingham 10K                                       12th                                  £22                                        £90

 Rough Runner – Scotland                        18/19th                           £40                                        £110


SEPTEMBER 2018                                        Date                   Registration fee                    Sponsorship

Leicester 10K                                                9th                                    £22                                        £80

Rough Runner Finsbury Park London       8/9th                                £40                                       £110

Gaunlet Games 5k & 10K                            15th                                 £34-38                                  £100

Zombie Evacuation East Anglia                  15th                                  £35                                       £100

Spartan Beast Scotland                                15th                                 £72                                       £150

Bury 10K                                                          16th                                 £20                                       £75

Scottish Half Marathon Lothian                  23rd                                 £45                                      £120

Sheffield 10K                                                   23rd                               £23                                      £80   


October 2018                                           Date                      Registration fee                      Sponsorship 

Spartan Beast  Windsor                           6th                                    £72                                        £150 

Bournemouth 5K                                       6th                                     £30                                        £100

Bournemouth 10K                                     6th                                     £50                                        £130

Bournemouth Half marathon                  7th                                     £95                                        £150 

Spartan Super Windsor                             7th                                     £54                                        £130 

Chester Marathon                                      7th                                     £47                                        £120 

Yorkshire Marathon                                   14th                                   £50                                        £130 

Manchester Half Marathon                      14th                                   £29                                        £100  

Yorkshire 10 Mile                                       14th                                    £30                                       £100 

Amsterdam Marathon                              21st                                     £75                                       £150 

Virgin Sport Oxford                                    7th                                       £45                                       £120 

London Supernova Run                             26th                                     £22                                       £80 

November 2018                                         Date                      Registration fee                      Sponsorship 

Men’s 10K Edinburgh                                 5th                                       £27                                        £90 

Tatton Park 10K  Cheshire                         3rd                                       £20                                        £80 

 December 2018                                           Date                      Registration fee                      Sponsorship 

Santa in the city London                             TBC                                   TBC 

London Santa Run Battersea Park            8th                                    £10                                        £120


 cat london marathon  Start fundraising with JustGiving   Start Fundraising through JustGiving by clicking the button

THE LONDON MARATHON 2019 as a fundraising event, there is no race in the world that comes close to the London Marathon.

An iconic image of the event is the thousands of runners traipsing the streets to raise money for charity, If you run one marathon in your lifetime, make it London. More than just a marathon, this is the largest annual fundraising event in the world, with 35,000 runners creating an amazing atmosphere.

We only have a silver bond place, which means one place every four years and 2016 we used that place. If you are lucky enough to get an own place, please think about our charity and support kidney patients.

 if you would like to run for the NKF please email pete@kidney.org.uk or call 01263 722287