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clarification of responsibility & accountability

                  clarification of strategic responsibilities and accountability
                  for implementing the ldKt 2020 strategy in england.

                  the arrangements for implementing the        in delivering the ldKt strategy. it works on
                  ldKt 2020 in england at a strategic level    the basis of “peer accountability” although
                  are complex. there are five groups with      it is not clear if the oversight group is
                  strategic responsibilities.                  accountable to anyone.  it is currently in the
                                                               process of reviewing its terms of reference.
                  •  secretary of state for health and
                    civil servants in the department of        NHS England is responsible for
                    health in england.
                                                               commissioning and commissions:
                  •  the transplant 2020 oversight group
                                                               •  all transplant related care provided by
                  •  nhs england                                 adult specialist renal and transplant
                                                                 centres; including work up of potential
                  • nhsBt
                                                                 living donors.
                  •  the 2020 strategic implementation
                   group                                       •  all transplantation activity provided by
                                                                 adult renal transplant centres; including
                  The Secretary of State has overall             living donor nephrectomy.
                  responsibility for organ donation and
                  transplantation while the department of      nhse also has a quality assurance role and
                  health takes an overarching view on all      all providers must demonstrate compliance
                  forms of donation and transplantation.       with the specialist services specification for
                  however, the secretary of state has          living donation and transplantation.
                  delegated this function to nhs Blood and     in particular, nhse provides funding for
                  transplant (nhsBt) in the main but, of       living donor co-ordinator (ldc) posts in
                  more relevance to living donation, has       hospitals.
                  given commissioning responsibility to nhs
                  england (nhse) for everything to do with     NHSBT have the responsibility for
                  renal transplants. it is not clear how the   monitoring donor and recipient outcomes,
                  secretary of state holds nhse and nhsBt      providing relevant statistics, developing
                  to account in relation to living kidney      and administering the UK living
                  transplantation.                             Kidney sharing scheme, engaging with
                                                               professionals, patients and the public to
                  The Transplant 2020 Oversight Group          raise the profile of ldKt and fostering
                  is responsible for holding to account        innovation to support increases in activity
                  all parties, including the four health       and providing professional leadership for
                  departments (england, scotland, Wales and    ldcs.
                  northern ireland) and nhsBt, for their role


                                          saving more lives with more living kidney donors
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