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2017 NKF Annual Patients’  Linda Baker and Alison Richards then gave us a moving account of their

         role as renal social workers in the pressurised renal unit environment where
         different commissioning groups fund so many different aspects of social care,
         making their role of supporting kidney patients unpredictable and fragmented.
         Despite immense pressures, one of the most successful projects led by Linda
         is the Kidney Kitchen where dialysis patients get together to cook kidney
         friendly recipes together.  This project proved successful on many levels:
                                                                                      Left to right.  Tim Statham OBE  NKF
         cultivating patient friendships and confidence, and increasing the awareness of
                                                                                      Chief Executive, Andrea Brown - NKF
         which foods can enhance the eating experience for kidney patients.       Office Manager and organiser of this year’s
                                                                                 Conference, Tracey Sinclair - NKF Secretary,
         Before lunch we heard from one of our regular conference supporters, Fergus
                                                                                David Marshall - NKF Chairman, Ken Tupling -
         Caskey, with an update on how and why we need to use the Renal Registry   NKF President, Bud Abbott - NKF Treasurer
         (RR) to our benefit. If you go to a comparison website to compare and then
         book your holiday, why would you not look at the RR website to compare
         your local renal unit with those across the UK on a variety of criteria? Looking
         at the data Fergus presented, it appears those kidney patients living near to
         Carlisle look to be on a winning bet as Carlisle scored very well on most of the
         compared data!

         During the afternoon session we were treated to an interactive session on
         ‘shared haemodialysis care’ hosted by Martin Wilkie and his whole team.  We
         were challenged to think of the ways in which our dialysis experience might
         be enhanced and how we might go about taking on more responsibility for
         our own treatment.  A thought provoking session which graphically illustrated
         the journey from non-compliance through to achieving personal - in this case
                                                                               David Marshall thanks Andrea and the team from
         shared responsibility for haemodialysis - goals:
                                                                               NKF HQ for organising the Conference weekend
         I won’t do it, I can’t do it, I want to do it, How do I do it?, We’ll
         try to do it, Yes we can do it, We will do it, WE DID IT!

         We also heard a moving account of the altruistic kidney donor process from
         Lucy Chester and Adam Kirk and a fascinating insight into the life of young,
         active, dynamic kidney patient, Kate Kenyon, which reminded us that CKD
         affects all ages.  Kate’s powerful account of her own battle with CKD from a
         very early age was accompanied by an excellent and visually stimulating series
         of photographs illustrating her journey from childhood on the family farm to the
         young woman she is today. I think we will remember this - have kidney failure:
         will ski!

         The conference culminated in an interview between David Marshall and Holly   The Peace and Quiet Care team at their
         Loughton, who attended last year’s conference only to be called in mid way                  exhibition stand
         through the conference weekend, to receive her kidney transplant.

         Note from the editor: An audio version of each conference talk is available on
         the NKF website at

            Janet Ciarney, Complementary Therapist at   Delegates enjoying the Conference Exhibition   Louis Toussaint of Royal Free Hospital KPA
             The Salford Royal Hospital, with delegates        and making friends  presents a cheque for £1000 to help NKF
                           at her exhibition stand                             continue its work with kidney patients, to David
                                                                                              Marshall, NKF Chairman

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