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           2017 NKF Annual Patients’

         Kidney Patients Uk

      I   f you were lucky enough to be one of the delegates   question needs to be asked; where some donated organs

                                                             are deemed ‘risky’ for a variety of reasons, should potential
          in the audience at the recent NKF Annual Patients’
                                                             recipients be given more say in whether or not they wish to
          Conference you are now armed with up-to-the-minute
          data and information on a whole range of topics
                                                             accept one of these organs? Perhaps the whole mechanics
          directly affecting and influencing our care.  Whilst
      attendance was down on last year there is no doubt that   of donated organ allocation needs to be reviewed and
      this year’s conference was one of the very best we have   Loius Toussaint of Royal Free Hospital KPA handed a
      seen for many years.  Well done Andrea and her team from   cheque for £1000 to David Marshall to help NKF continue
      NKF HQ for organising this for us.                     its work with kidney patients. Thanks Royal Free Hospital
      After NKF Chairman, David Marshall’s opening words of   KPA - we promise every penny will be wisely spent.
      welcome, NKF Chief Executive, Tim Statham outlined many
      of the issues being faced by kidney patients across the UK.
      Of these, patient transport is now the focus of media and
      NKF’s attention as the Care Commissioning Group (CCG)
      responsible for patients in Cornwall, make plans to charge
      dialysis patients for their transport to and from their dialysis
      unit.  The battle is now on to have this ill-thought through
      plan reversed before patients die (see pages 6 and 7 for
      more on this topic).  Tim also highlighted the drop in living
      donor kidney transplants and the number of patients on the
      national transplant waiting list - 5,197 on the active waiting
      list and 3,256 currently suspended from it - and gave the
      assurance that NKF, with the aid of the 102 MPs who sit
      on the All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group (APPKG),
      would continue to be the voice of kidney patients in
      the UK and challenge every risk to kidney patient
      safety and access to dialysis and transplants.
      John Forsyth in his capacity as NHS Blood and
      Transplant (NHSBT) Associate Director of
      Organ Donation and Transplantation, gave
      us a valuable and interesting insight
      into some of the challenges faced by
      NHSBT and his team in particular,
      as they try to increase matches
      between donated organs and
      potential recipients.  In
      order to satisfy the the
      growing demand for
      more successful
      transplants to
      take place a

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