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summit and consultation

                  summit organised by appKg and consultation
                  undertaken by the nKf

                  the nKf published a discussion paper, “challenges facing living donor
                  kidney transplantation in the UK”:

                  in June 2017 and invited responses to it. a very good response was received
                  from 20 organisations and individuals. a summary of the responses
                  received and a list of the respondents is available from the nKf website:

                  the responses were considered carefully and a Briefing paper for the
                  appKg on living kidney donation was published:

                  the appKg summit on living kidney donation took place on 22 november
                  2017. the agenda for the summit and the list of attendees is set out in the
                  appendix. this manifesto is based on the outcome from the summit and
                  the Briefing paper. the main issues are outlined below with corresponding


                                          saving more lives with more living kidney donors
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