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data of transplant centres

                  measuring the number of living donor kidney transplants pmp is
                  also effective in determining ldt activity by transplant centres.

                  nhsBt published the 2016/17 data, by transplant centres, for the first time recently. this is most
                  welcome and should now be published every year. it shows a significant level of variation in the
                  pmp among the 23 adult transplant centres in the UK. the data ranges from 40 pmp in Belfast
                  to 6 pmp in nottingham and it is shown in the chart below.

                  it is important to note that the UK is        most welcome and appreciated. however,
                  doing very well in relation to the paired     one of the key 2020 targets related to
                  exchange scheme in terms of the number        deceased donation is improvement in the
                  of registered patients receiving a transplant   “consent rate” which is increasing very
                  through the scheme. many of these             slowly. it seems unlikely that the target of
                  recipients are immunologically complex        80% consent rate will be reached by 2020
                  and a higher proportion is from Bame          and consultation on “presumed consent” is
                  communities.                                  currently taking place in england, following
                                                                similar action in Wales and scotland.
                  it is also important to consider these figures
                  for ldt alongside figures for transplants     the focus of this paper is living donor
                  from deceased donors. figures for 2016/17     kidney transplantation and the rest of the
                  indicate that deceased donor activity         manifesto explores this further.
                  reached record levels in 2016/17. this is


                                          saving more lives with more living kidney donors
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