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                  the all party parliamentary Kidney group consists of 106
                  members of parliament and lords.  their registered purpose
                  is: “to improve understanding in parliament of kidney

                  disease and transplant medicine and promote improvements
                  in the health and care services that are available to improve
                  the health of people with renal failure”.

                  the secretariat of the group is provided     increasing funding to support living kidney
                  by the nKf. the all party parliamentary      donation by taking account of the long
                  Kidney group (appKg) monitors both           term savings of transplantation to the nhs
                  the provision of dialysis services and       and improving the support available to
                  transplantation in the UK. it maintains an   patients waiting for a kidney in finding a
                  active interest in all matters of chronic    suitable living donor.
                  Kidney disease (cKd). as part of its
                  programme the appKg held a living donor      overall, this summit has highlighted the
                  transplant summit in the parliamentary       importance of giving greater priority by
                  estate on Wednesday 22nd november,           those with strategic responsibility for
                  2017, to which all the leading kidney        delivering the target set for 2020 as well
                  donor transplant specialists in all the      as by the whole kidney community. it is
                  related fields of activity were invited.  the   essential that the current downward trend
                  purpose of the summit was to address         in the number of living kidney donations
                  the reasons for the drop in the number       in the UK is reversed urgently. the appKg
                  of living kidney transplants over the last   is, therefore, requesting that an update
                  three years in the UK and to identify        on all recommendations set out in this
                  what actions were needed to increase the     manifesto be provided by the appropriate
                  number of living kidney transplants.         organisation within six months of its
                                                               publication. the appKg fully recognises
                  the appKg is very pleased to                 that there are examples of excellent
                  highlight this important issue in this       practice in living kidney donation in the
                  manifesto which sets out a number of         UK and is delighted to include four such
                  recommendations under seven headings.        examples in the manifesto.
                  the recommendations include clarifying
                  strategic roles and responsibility, reducing   the appKg is most grateful to a wide
                  unexplained variations among transplant      range of individuals for their help in the
                  centres, improving the structures for        publication of this manifesto.
                  supporting living kidney donation,


                                          saving more lives with more living kidney donors
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