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A new guide on taking post-transplant
        immunosuppressants is now available

        R        eaders of Kidney Life readers with organ transplants should find
                 a new information resource useful.  It is an up-to-date guide
                 for transplant patients on immunosuppressant medicines and
                 has been produced by the Efficacy and Safety of Prescribing in
                 Transplantation (ESPRIT) group. The aim of the new resource is
         to give transplant patients the essential information needed to help follow
         their transplant unit’s advice on when and how to take their medicines.
         A transplant is the best possible treatment for most people with kidney
         failure, but the survival of the transplant – and frequently the patient –
         depends on effective treatment with immunosuppressive medicines
         to prevent rejection of the transplanted organ. The new guide has
         been produced in conjunction with ESPRIT’s multi-disciplinary team
         of transplant professionals, reflecting what patients increasingly need
         to know in practice.  It also pulls together in one place what doesn’t
         currently exist elsewhere.
         The guide firstly contains clear background information on immunosuppression and flags up important
         things to remember when taking immunosuppressant medicines post-transplant.  It then describes the
         various different types of immunosuppressant used.  There have been a number of new preparations
         introduced in the past few years and they are all included in the guide in an easily-accessible form,
         complete with clear information on dosages and appearances.
         The guide, called ‘Immunosuppressant medicines and your transplant’, can be downloaded from the
         ESPRIT Group website:  For general information on the ESPRIT Group
         and latest news on prescribing relevant to transplant recipients, see
         NKF does not favour any particular immunosuppressant medicine - the choice should be made jointly by the
         patient and the clinician.

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