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                  the nKf (national Kidney federation) is the
                  largest kidney patients’ charity in the UK
                  run by kidney patients for kidney patients.

                  in 2014/15 the nKf (national Kidney federation) observed a fall
                  in the numbers of kidney transplants carried out in the UK using
                  living kidney donors. this fall continued throughout 2015/16 and
                  2016/17 and was completely at odds with the rise in transplants
                  from cadaveric donors. the nKf began to explore the reasons
                  for this drop and embarked upon a consultation within the
                  renal community. following that consultation the charity asked
                  the all party parliamentary Kidney group in parliament to hold
                  an exploratory living donor transplant summit within the
                  parliamentary estate. that summit was held on the 22nd november
                  2017 under my chairmanship.

                  the findings of that summit, together with recommendations, form
                  the content of this report. While the recommendations are for
                  improving living kidney donation in england, many of them are also
                  relevant to scotland, Wales and northern ireland.

                  Madeleine Moon MP
                  chair, all party parliamentary Kidney group


                                          saving more lives with more living kidney donors
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