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How can I help to increase living

          donor kidney transplantation?

          NKF has been campaigning to increase the rate of living donor kidney transplantation in the UK because the
          number of these transplants has been steadily reducing over the past three consecutive years. We need the help
          of KPAs and patients to raise this issue locally to complement the national campaign already underway. We are
          pleased that during the summer of 2017 all transplant hospitals and those hospitals (or centres) that refer living
          donors to transplant hospitals, have been requested to appoint a nephrologist to lead on the living kidney donor
          debate. This new development provides us with an opportunity to meet with the local lead nephrologist and list
          and consider the reasons for this fall in living donor kidney transplants. This is a major step forward.  However we
          do still need the input from KPAs so that patient views are adequately represented at these meetings.

          Examples of issues which might be raised at the meeting by KPAs and patients are:
          •  What are the local figures for living kidney donation?

          •  What are the local plans for increasing these?
          How can the KPA or individual patients help?

          •  This could include publicising the importance of living donation in the KPA newsletter or local press.
          •  Arranging for living kidney donors and their recipients to meet with family members of patients who
            need a kidney transplant.

          •  Organising for the distribution of leaflets/videos on living donation during World Kidney Day etc.
          NKF is supporting the All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group (APPKG) to consider this matter at a Living Kidney
          Donor Summit scheduled to take place on 22 November 2017 in the House of Commons.   The main purpose
          of the Summit will be to consider the reasons for the drop in numbers and what can be done to address this.
          In preparation for the Summit NKF published a discussion paper on Challenges facing Living Donor Kidney
          Transplantation in the UK ( earlier this
          year. We have received a good response to the discussion paper and the responses will be used to facilitate an
          informed debate at the Summit.  Following the Summit, we anticipate that the APPKG will publish a Manifesto
          which will include recommendations on ways to increase living donor kidney transplantation in the UK to help
          reverse the downward trend.

          We believe this dual approach is important and one on which we can build a strong patient voice to help bring
          about change. Kidney Life would be very happy to publish examples of local meetings in the next issue (Spring
          2018 – hard copy).

          All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group –

          Living Kidney Donor Summit

          NKF has arranged for the APPKG to hold a two hour summit on ‘the drop in living kidney donor numbers’ within
          the Parliamentary Estate at 2pm on Wednesday 22nd November 2017.  The summit will hear from specialist
          speakers, consider the responses to the recent NKF consultation and decide what actions need to be taken to
          address this issue.  This event will be chaired by Madeleine Moon MP.
          Sadly, due to the weight of business currently being conducted in Parliament all suitably large rooms within
          the Estate have been booked for some time in advance.  This means the summit will take place in a room with
          capacity to hold only 35 people.  With this restriction on space in mind not all applications for observer places
          will be successful.

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