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clarification continued

                  the 2020 Strategic Implementation Group (sig) is            REcOMMENDATION 1
                  responsible for developing the plan for action and
                  delivering it and reports to nhsBt and the 2020             it is recommended that
                  oversight group.                                            the department of health
                                                                              in england, the transplant
                  it is not always clear what action each of these            2020 oversight group,
                  five groups has taken during this period of decline         nhs england and nhsBt
                  in the number of ldKt. While the importance of              review their responsibility
                  collaborative working is recognised and accepted,           and accountability in
                  the lines of accountability can be easily blurred at        context of the downward
                  times. the implications of any change in the terms          trend in living kidney
                  of reference of the 2020 oversight group may also           transplantation and
                  affect this. the first recommendation, therefore, is        outline actions they plan
                  about responsibility and accountability in relation to      to take to meet the ldKt
                  england. the arrangements in scotland, Wales and            target set for 2020.
                  northern ireland are comparatively straightforward.

                  Unexplained variation

                  Unexplained variations in the number of living-donor transplants
                  undertaken by transplant centres.

                  given the variable socio-economic, ethnic    the publication of the 2016/17 data by
                  and other demographics across the UK it      nhsBt provides opportunities to address
                  would be highly unusual if there were no     this. nhse’s responsibility for quality
                  variations in the number of ldKts carried    assurance enables it to identify transplant
                  out in the 23 transplant centres in the      centres which are “outliers” and to request
                  UK. however, the variation in the ldKt       those not performing well to develop a
                  rates among transplant centres shown in      plan of action for improvement. nhse
                  paragraph 2 on page 7, are huge and there    should publish the outcome of this work
                  is unexplained variation.                    promptly on an annual basis, since this


                                          saving more lives with more living kidney donors
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