Section 1 Know Your Benefits

Section 2 Benefits for Carers

Section 3 Kidney Patients and Employment

Section 4 Personal Independence Payment (PIP) 

Section 5 Tips to help with your PIP Application

Section 6 Disability Living Allowance

State Benefits in the UK (Link to the UK Goverment’s Directgov website)

Warm Home Discount Scheme (Link to the Department of Energy & Climate Change website)

Benefits pack : To request our benefits pack call 0800 169 09 36, or e-mail us at: [email protected] 

Concerned by ESA or PiP?

Essential guides to Employment and Support Allowance and also to Personal Independance Payments are now available from c-App.

The sites contain essential guides to ESA and PIP, in long and short versions, and a video covering the same ground as the short version. Most importantly, they contain a tool which allows users to test out the sort of questions they might be asked in the assessment, and to save a list of their key answers in advance of the assessment.

To access the c-APP Home page please Click here

For the ESA guides please Click here

For the PIP guides please Click here